Streaking Day and Night

Daily Prompt: Winning Streak

My posting streak: 2 months, 15 days

It was a warm September day, school was just getting back in session and there was little at home to do. American football was back in season, new glimmers of hope for most teams, the path to the championship far away as ever; the Seahawks were already being crossed in for February and had not even played a game yet. The thoughts of my abandoned, whimpering blog were on my mind and I itched to give it that much-needed push to finally get it off its lonely island. Interests wrapped up in a ruthless game of ESPN Streak for the Cash and going nowhere fast, the light bulb finally clicked in my head, the motivation rushed in, the inspiration to really start my blogging engine came to life. But there were still lingering doubts as to what I could actually do to pull it out of its cold abyss…and then I saw, in the proverbial sky, what was supposed to be the Bat Signal but was orange with a picture of a simplified calendar on it: the call of the Daily Post, the answer to my troubles. I ran towards it, through the city of words and pictures that was still strange to me, and was immediately taken in the warm loving arms of a few promising words and the comforting company of the strangely all-too friendly inhabitants who had undoubtedly set up camp here when living on the lone streets of WordPress proved too difficult. Poets, storytellers, photographers, and other walks of blog filled this little community and after meeting a few of them I soon found out who the so-called icons of this town were.

My posting streak began on September 16, 2014 with my first response to the Daily Prompt “Overload Alert” and since then I have probably published around 90 posts of various highs and lows. My crazy train of posting continues because writing them has become way easier and thrilling for me than it was in the past, when I was methodically writing long pieces that no one cared about, frantically scratching for anything to write about, going as far as drawing up epics about zombies forming a society, talking about elephants in the room, making silly lists, or chalking up pretty obvious scenarios for alternate outcomes in history.

I can pretty much sum up my blogging experience into three phases:

Phase one: getting my feet wet, exploring my surroundings, laying the first bricks of the foundation.

If my blog were a home, I think I first built it in a rather secluded area because that’s how my experience started – I never looked at anyone else’s blogs and never tried to connect with anyone or get any inspiration from the community whatsoever. I basically was in a bubble for the first couple months and when there wasn’t much interaction I decided to break down and really examine my blog for the first time.

Phase two: finally getting with the program and figuring out what other bloggers were interested in, as well as developing a consistent posting style. I also realized I needed to work on the overall look and feel of my page, needed to develop a brand, a visual identity. Participating in some fun challenges also improved the quality of my blog, getting an entire new audience, increasing my following by a considerable amount.

Phase three: growing and improving as a blogger, starting to tighten things down, going in the direction of where my interests lie. That also meant branching out and discovering new posting techniques, keeping myself fresh and interesting.

What will make me break the streak? Since this is my first ever epic streak (my previous record was two, my first two posts back to back), I’m not really sure. I’ve made it a sure habit of getting something published onto the internet waves everyday and with the large number of posting options to choose from now (photo challenges, writing challenges, daily prompts, mini-posts, long-posts, stories, poetry…), there really is no reason for me to be short of ideas on any given day.

Maybe there should be an opposite to this prompt in the future called “Losing Streak”, asking us to write about the longest streak we have gone without posting. I have to say my number would be large, and the words within that post would talk about lonely days and nights wandering the city, head down, the outside world invisible to me.

Update: My posting streak ended in December, 3 times.