Food Photo Challenge: Dinner

Here is another food challenge of mine.

This time it’s dinner foods, foods usually eaten in the evening.

Post your favorite pictures of dinner.


Sirloin steak with grilled shrimp



Vinegar to Zuchinni – A to Z Foods

The final entries in the challenge are here, all grouped together. It’s been a consistent challenge this time and I have improved my photographic eye once again (even if not all of the pictures were mine).

Letters V – Z:

Vinegar (mine)
 photo vinegar_zpsjwf8nfkt.jpgWheat Bread (mine) photo wheat_zpsdpbpyfse.jpgXigua (Watermelon)
Zucchini (mine) photo zuchini_zps7xfxnequ.jpg

A to Z Challenge 2016

Quandong to Udon – A to Z Foods

In order to catch up on this challenge, I’m just going to combine the letters Q – U in one post. I’m quite tired of it anyway so this will make things quicker.

Here are some foods that you may not have heard of, originating in certain parts of the world:

 Quandong – a sweet tasting fruit native to Australia. Usually found in the deserts.

Rutabaga – a cross between a cabbage and a turnip.


Snickers – what you eat when you’re hungry. Of course, everyone knows what this is.

Tarragon – a species of perennial herbs found wildly around Europe and North America.  It has uses in culinary and medicine around the world.

Udon – a fancy Japanese noodle, great for making soups like these.

A to Z Challenge 2016

Peanut Butter – A to Z Challenge


A to Z Challenge 2016

Oranges – A to Z Foods


Oranges are bountiful and plenty. Never underestimate the power of the orange. You will be bombarded with a rush of citrus. The orange army rules. That sweet smell you get after peeling an orange. That is gold. I’ve already used this picture before and I like it so much that I’ll use it again. Because there is a truck ton of oranges there. I could eat oranges all day. I love oranges.

A to Z Challenge 2016

Nabisco – A to Z Foods

Nabisco is a company that has been around since 1898. They produce all kinds of snack foods. One of my favorite foods from them is Nutter Butter, just because I fricking love peanut butter. Taking one half off the cookie and licking the peanut butter off is always a wonderful experience.

Other snack foods from Nabisco (some of these I have never heard of):

100 Calorie Packs

Bacon Dippers


Chips Ahoy!

Club Social

Corn Diggers

Doo Dads

Fig Newtons


Honey Maid

In A Biskit



Mister Salty Pretzels

Nabisco Classics

Nutter Butter


Orchard Crisps


Oreo Cakesters

Potato Chipsters


Rice Thins

Ritz Crackers


Teddy Grahams


Wheat Squares

Wheat Thins

Zu Zu Ginger Snaps

A to Z Challenge 2016


Julienne – A to Z Foods


To julienne something is to cut the food into small thin strips. This is commonly used for salads and items to be stir fried or sauteed. Celery, carrots, and potatoes are commonly cut this way.

The julienned carrots are the finest things for any culinary student to learn. The wonderful rhythm of the blade cutting through the hard vegetables, the smooth slicing sound. This way of preparing food is one of the steps to giving a meal outstanding value and presentation. Of course, a vegetable peeler is a more easier way to achieve this effect.

A to Z Challenge 2016