Harvest Moon 2016

The full moon was out tonight, known as the Harvest Moon in September. I caught some pictures of it with the camera of my Sony Handycam. There was also a lunar eclipse but it was only seen in Africa, Asia, and Australia. The moon looks basically the same as any other full moon but just in a slightly different location in the sky.

Click on the pictures for a better look.

Lunar Eclipse of the Art

septmoon4Last night, the sky so dark,
Except for one spot that had my eye
This lunar eclipse, a rarity, and I would have missed it
If for even the most minor distraction
The oddity went dark and then came back again
And then was an orange-red circle
Fearful and foreboding
The coming of the first frost upon us
October’s harvest and everything to the end

September | Blood Moon
Yin-yang lunar eclipse
There won’t be another lunar eclipse/Supermoon combo until 2033. I’ll be in my 40s. The next lunar eclipse is in 2018.

September | Blood Moon

Full Moon Flight

Come with me
The moon is awake
We’ll soar to high yonder
Until the owl nestles for his long awaited break
And see those peaceful heads
All cozy in their beds
And hear the coyotes cry
Until morning light sheds