Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pick A Topic


It was a quiet Thursday afternoon swim for two geese and two baby ducklings on the pond today. There usually is no life swimming in this pond,not even humans, so it’s as if these web footed creatures decided it was nice enough to appear suddenly for my sake. Or maybe someone released them from captivity in their home just in time for the nice May weather. The two black necked geese (or are they just ducks?) look quite alike and seem to be guiding the babies on their first swim. Mom and Dad perhaps?


Until another day, I’ll leave these wonderful aquatic creatures to their peaceful wading on the water in a moment frozen in time. From Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pick A Topic photo, I had a couple options to choose from but I ultimately went with the theme of water as well as reflection since these ducks were too hard to pass up, being one of the rare chances I got to photograph some.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Scapes

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A cross between two worlds, something for you and me
You have the winding dirt road with the coming or going steamer
And the electric waterfall with the reflective waters and trees
These two pictures were taken from the same locale
And combine three of the main elements: earth, wind, and water
The landscape and seascape pictured here are beautiful
But there is one scape that I believe trumps them all, is the most unrestricted
I call it the dreamscape, a place where my memories collide,
Forming the most interesting scenarios, being able to travel far and wide
My photo journey continues to be one of learning
And next year is going to be the year I start turning
2014 was an eye opener, cutting away from old habits,
2015 will be the year to hone my craft and hop along to perfection like the furry white rabbits