Don’t dwell on the past

For it only consumes you

Depression sets in

Sadness eats at your soul

That dark, dark hole you can’t get out

The light fades away

I can’t afford the sadness

For happiness has a much warmer embrace

And my struggle with that dark place

Will avoid at all costs


Millennials Rise

Say hello to my generation,

It’s quite alright,
There’s so much new to see,
The path of innovation is very bright
We’re not slowing down anytime soon,
We’ve got virtual reality,
Where you can be on the moon
And 4K video that blows your mind,
You can livestream your party,
And Skype at nine
Instagram your food
Tweet your opinions
You are truly not alone
In this connected world we live in

Gets Better With Age


I like the saying “it gets better with age”. This is true on a number of levels. The best tasting, and most expensive, wine is one that has been aging for at least over five years. The best cheeses don’t get eaten until many years later. Some marriages get better with age as bonds tighten and divided interests come to be viewed as essential for a balanced relationship. Buildings get better with age as they come to be viewed as historical and significant pieces of architecture. Books, movies, and paintings become historical pieces of work with people continuing to reflect upon them and striving to preserve them for future generations. The most successful brands continue to grow and develop as new and innovative methods are discovered and audience’s needs and wants are taken into mind.

I like to say I will get better with age, even if my knees and other joints don’t agree. The older I get, the stronger the heart will be, with more experiences to dwell upon and write about. There will be new children and grandchildren to have memorable experiences with, more holidays and birthdays to come. Something new and exciting will always be on the horizon, some little tremors and some big seismic waves that forever change how I live my life.  The world will continue to change as new cultural trends come and go. Who knows who the next big music superstar will be by the time I reach 50 or if television will merely be a thing you can project from your hand?

Fun is the one thing that will keep me from becoming a worn out old fart in later life. To have fun is to keep myself busy and my mind working. Exercising and running laps outside everyday will keep my body in shape and me in good spirits. Listening to music will give me inspiration and happiness. If I still am running a blog, this blog, that will be a way of continuing to keep my mind fresh and to continue improving my creative and interpersonal skills. To always have something to photograph and write about will give me an incentive to keep on exploring life, to keep learning and reading. A blog, like anything, can get better with the years as more and more posts are published and more connections are formed. As I add more tools to my toolbox, I discover new and better ways to go about blogging and the overall online experience as well. I feel like this is an essential part of my life now and can’t imagine life without it. This is my creative space, my brand, my online presence.

Getting older should be a fun experience but some people are afraid of it. The people who are afraid of aging and spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to make themselves look like young rosebuds again don’t take this one thought into mind: no one cares what you look like when you die. If you are a famous celebrity and are on TV a lot, of course you want to be presentable, but once you pass away, people tend to care less about your appearance and more about your career accomplishments and contributions to society. What will be preserved in the history books is not a shallow description of beauty but an in depth view of an amazing life that helped change the world.

So go out and try to experience as many things as you can. Find a passion that you absolutely love and can grow with. The people who have the most fun in life have found happiness in what they do everyday. They are not burdened by the rules of society or worried about what tomorrow will bring. They live in the moment, the moment of now. Everyday is an adventure, another piece to a long storybook. That’s what I strive to be like. An optimistic soul who will continue to view life as one big dance number well into my twilight years. There will be good days and bad days and in the end they tie into who I am as a person.

Daily Prompt: Young at Heart

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

Spilling the Gravy

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Time to settle down and celebrate the happy memories. Listen to old time holiday classics, watch special Christmas episodes of old shows on free television. The kids will be getting into bed early, right about now, eager to wake up for presents under the tree in the morning. I remember those days. I always knew that mom had hid the presents in her room but I liked to go along with the thought that a man somehow got into our house (no chimney, or chimbley as I said at three years old) and put a bunch of gifts under the tree, somehow knowing all of our names. The gifts under the tree this year have already been unwrapped because of two out-of-staters coming in to celebrate the holidays with us before they leave again. Another “Christmas” will be held on January 13th with more gifts.

Tonight, I went to a midnight nativity mass. First time going to church in years and I felt a spiritual uplifting, a re-connection with my faith. The last time I went to the church where this special mass was held, the priest fainted and had to be taken away in an ambulance. A replacement, intern priest if you will, took over for the rest of mass.

My holiday took a funny twist this past evening.

It all started with the making of fresh home made egg nog (from an Alton Brown recipe online). I could have made it myself without the recipe’s help but then I’d risk messing up or forgetting something.

It’s a really simple recipe: 4 egg whites and egg yolks separated, heavy cream, nutmeg, milk, and sugar. Mix that all into a bowl and there you go. A shot of brandy or bourbon gives it an extra kick.

When I went to put the milk carton of egg nog in the tiny fridge to chill, I accidentally knocked over the can of gravy from Thanksgiving sitting in there. It spilt all over the right leg of my pants and my reaction was obviously one of disgust. When the rest of the family saw it, they cracked up. I was walking stiff legged though the kitchen to my room and had to change my pants. The whole floor was a slippery mess of gravy and knocked over cat food.

Three years later…

Just got home from that new job I’ve acquired as a computer specialist or something technology related. My new apartment looks and smells wonderful. I go over to my comfortable looking couch (the only piece of furniture) in front of the large screen television and pick up my brand new Apple Macbook, because it was now or never to make the switch. Time to write another blog post for Macbofisbil on a Macbook, how fitting.

What am I writing about? That largely depends on what has transpired during those three years from now. 2018 will be the third year of whatever president is currently in office. If it’s Donald Trump, there might be a post about how healthcare for the poor has been stripped away and how everything favors the rich now. If it’s Hillary Clinton, then advancements in getting every child an education and helping students get into college will be discussed.

This blog will still likely be rooted to the Daily Prompts because they are an excellent base for ideas and connecting with bloggers I’m following and haven’t checked out yet. I’ll be more experienced in writing poetry, an absolute favorite writing style of mine, and I hope to continue making it a consistent component of my blog.

Into the future 

The lights and sounds may have changed

But I am still me

The song “Black Water” by Doobie Brothers (obviously referencing marijuana) came to my head last night as I was scrolling through past posts of mine and catching up on a load of comments left by a blogger who seems to be a big fan of mine. While responding, I was thinking about the future of this blog and what I want to do to keep it fresh and active. I decided to post the song here because it is so fitting for a song about moving on with life and keeping hope alive.

Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow 

Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future.

On A San Diego Beach…

The crystal ball will reveal itself

Tomorrow’s just your future yesterday. Your future is being written all the time; when you were six years old in a past present time, you probably wondered what your 25 year old self would be like in the future, and then that day comes and it is the present and you are still wondering about the future. The future never comes, we are merely walking toward it every minute of the day while still being tied to the present which is always becoming the past.

Some of the bricks to that always nearing future I’m building have already been put in place. I’ve been to college, four years of it shared between two schools, and graduated with an Associate degree which is better than no degree. I was going to go back, maybe get into culinary school to get some much needed training for restaurant jobs, but the thought seems to be slipping away and I haven’t even gotten my application in, let alone a dorm plan, by the time the new semester begins. Now I have student loans to pay back that are overdue and taking a hit to my credit score I had no idea existed until now. Great Lakes, the loan provider, expects me to pay them back, but I still haven’t even found a job and my modest amount of cash from plasma sure isn’t going to cut it.

I’ve started a blog/website and am continuing to work on it, developing some savvy writing skills and getting in touch with my inner self. I have found a way to exorcise my demons, a way to get rid of the doubts and find my true passion. I’ve found new and innovative ways to show off my creative skills, which can sometimes be a little misunderstood and rough around the edges.

I always knew I had a budding writing talent within but until now, there didn’t seem to be any viable career path for it. Sure, I was good at writing school essays and organizing my info into nice little paragraphs, but if anyone told me I’d be sitting here today writing down my personal thoughts and trying to tell a story, I’d say they were crazy. I would have thought it would be very boring and tedious, not to mention lonely because I’d most likely have no help since no one close to me would have any knowledge or interest in blog writing. Even I didn’t at first, trying my hand at YouTube before ending up here. Now fast forwarding a few years after high school and to this point in time has taught me that hobbies and interests sometimes like to develop overtime and will surprise you.

If I could go into the future like my heroes Marty McFly and Doc Brown, past their poorly predicted 2015, I would be curious to see how far I have gotten with blogging and if anything successful has come out of it, like a book or even a sitcom. I’d be very excited and surprised to see that gleaming Freshly Pressed badge displayed somewhere and telling me that what I have done has a real purpose to it, like putting a bow on a present, but as of now I keep those expectations way on the down low.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to see myself working at McDonald’s 30 years down the road which isn’t likely since they don’t usually hire anyone above the age of 30 or with any career goals, but if hard times fall on me and that is a crucial option, I’ll meet it with open arms.

I’d like to see if I’m married or not and where I am living. I’d hope my eventual high paying engineering job would get me a house in Florida or at least by a lake with a pontoon.

I’d like to finally have a driver’s license and be able to have the freedom of the road.

I’d like to be relaxing on a beach in California, having officially retired from whatever I have been doing for the last couple of decades.

I’d like to have become a world class writer and have a number of books published. I’d like to have my work featured on multiple websites and TV.

I’m more curious to see how technology will have progressed. What will the Internet look like? Will Google have finally taken over the entire web, dominating our lives in every way possible? How huge will YouTube have become by the time the 50th U.S. president is elected? Will PewDiePie still be on top, eventually having enough power to split off into his own rival video site, PewTube (not the church’s version) all of his “Bros” helping to finally take over the Internet?

It’s interesting to know what I and the world around me is going to become. All I can say now is that I’m happy I have a place to live and my parents who still love and care about me. When they are gone, I will be a little sad and might have difficulty adjusting to the sudden responsibility put on me and life’s downward spiral that would totally ensue, but I know I’d make it through because I have perseverance and a strong will. I could do with a little bit of humor everyday to keep me moving and there’s a lot of that to go around.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other.”

Write a six-word story about what you think the future holds for you, and then expand on it in a post.

A Letter To 2035

Dear 44 year old self,

Hello, this is Matt, the 24 year old version of you in 2015. How are you doing, my middle aged pal? Shocked? Don’t believe me? Then write me back asking me what my what my most used password is. We should have the same answers.

Is 2035 any thing different than right now? Has Google finally taken over the entire Internet, deciding to call it the Googlenet? Does Facebook, or should I say, Googlebook or Gbook for short, now let you upload your mind to a profile? Humans must have colonized on Mars by then with radio, television, Internet, and phone systems having been set up. Are you living on Mars? Was the mission so successful that NASA is going ahead with plans to also colonize on the Moon?

You surely have flying cars in 2035? Are they providing any real significance in the way people travel or are they just a bothering nuisance? Self-driving cars are being produced and tested right now by Google. Are they available to drive recreationally in your time or did that idea fizzle and die years ago, after multiple accidents? Sorry if I’m asking too many questions.

I really want to know about you personally. Hopefully you are happily married and have some wonderful kids. I’m betting you finally got that head chef position at a fancy restaurant after graduating from the Culinary Institute of Michigan. Maybe you finally got the confidence to open up your own?

At around age 44, you should have a plan to save up for retirement, because I’ve heard it’s not cherries and cream once you get there. So have you already been? Maybe I’m a millionaire in 2035 and you can send some money back to me in a letter to the past…if it works that way.

Well, keep on chugging away in the future, or present…if you are still there (life has funny decisions).


Your Younger Self In 2015

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “From You to You (Part 2)”


The floppy disk…a clunky cumbersome
The iPod…had a nice ride
CRT monitors…shed their weight
VCRs…all the days we laughed and cried

Those game cartridges…will miss the blowing
1 hour photo…how I remember the sorting

Noisy dial-up…that nostalgic sound
Polaroid picture…loved to shake it around

They’ve all gone to a land
A land where all inventions eventually rest
Where all the things that have lost purpose
Become fragments of history at the best

But someday people will be obsolete
Being replaced by mighty machines
Will be fragments of yourself
That used to cook and clean

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Going Obsolete.”

Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most?

If I had to answer that honestly, I would say I miss the Polaroid camera the most, because it reminds me of my grandma who absolutely loved the device, but in fact I have a place in my heart for all the tech that has gone extinct or is getting there (Apple’s iPod being replaced by all-in-one smartphones and other more convenient devices), most of it going to Obsoleteville before I even turned 14. I expect music CDs to be joining the lineup in the near future – I don’t think I’ve bought one in nearly 10 years.