Time Stands Still In Old Springfield Village

For the weekly photo challenge I tried out a Mesh gallery. I don’t have an iPhone so this is the desktop version. I was getting aroused as to why the pictures are so enlarged and cut off but then I found out you can click on the picture and see the whole thing. When I put the upload link in my post, some of the pictures I put in the Mesh gallery are eliminated as if there’s a slideshow limit. Being able to add subtitles is an idea.

Anyway, here is a mesh gallery of my tour of Old Springfield Village and Abraham Lincoln’s original home there. Everything has been restored and preserved to look exactly like it was 150 years ago (when Lincoln was shot and last lived there). There are also pictures of my tour of the Lincoln Home National Museum. Me and my family’s final day in Springfield involved learning much about Lincoln and his family that wasn’t known before, like the fact that the house was very small before Mrs. Lincoln literally raised the roof and added an additional floor. John Wilkes Booth’s brother, Edward, saved Lincoln’s son, Robert, from getting caught under a moving train. And of course John did one better by shooting Lincoln.

It was a good day. it was a good vacation. I didn’t even mind the overbearing and creepy tour guide.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”