Rockstar Blogging 101

It’s time to reassess my blogging skills. I feel like I’ve been getting sloppy as of late.

I have just realized this past month how my outlook of blogging has changed. It is no longer just an on and off hobby of mine. I realize now that if I am going to become very successful at this, I am going to have to stop messing around and really start following some consistent blogging patterns. I’m getting super complacent on several key blogging techniques. There are some things I have been doing and not doing that have hindered me from getting really good at this game and I feel so stupid for letting those habits get to me.

Number one:

Neglecting to check my stats everyday. This has become more and more important as time has gone on, but I continue to throw caution to the wind and not keep up with how many people are visiting my page, or how many likes and comments my recent posts got. I don’t want to become too buried in the numbers because they will rule my life and I don’t want to run this like a business.

Number two:

Not commenting enough. This year I have probably only commented a couple of times. The social engagement needs to improve. I have a habit of letting my introverted side get the best of me and this carries over into cyberspace. I don’t always feel like commenting and when I have found that this is a general “rule” of blogging, like you’re supposed to be doing it more often no matter if you don’t feel like it on some days, well, I am like “the heck with that. I’ll do it when I feel pleased.”

Number three:

Putting up crappy, worthless posts. Yeah, we’ve all got to have some of them. I’ve got my fair share. I could have one post that performs really well and another that totally falls flat. It’s this troubling experience of mine that stints my blogging growth. I don’t nearly receive as many comments as other bloggers do but I rest my case that with a little more effort I could improve.

Number four:

Not focusing more. I feel like I am always all over the place.

Number five:

That always creeping doubt in my mind that I don’t have what it takes to truly survive in this blogging world. That I won’t succeed in the long run. It’s been happening more and more where I feel like maybe I should seek other passions because this one is becoming a lifelong obsession, which I never wanted it to be but it seems as if that’s the only way to go now. I can’t stop posting everyday because I have developed an OCD with this, and as I continue going down the rabbit hole, I see there is no escape. This is my life now and it will never be the same again. It makes me quite unhappy that as I continue to do this, life around me continues to be pretty much the same. Same house, same people, same jobless situation. I wake up in the morning and nothing has changed. I really need to find myself a girlfriend who’s interested in the stuff I’ve interested in. Writing and other computer related activities. A nerdy girl. That was always my dream.

Number six:

Knowing who my competition is. There is a ton of competition in the blogosphere and it is getting more and more competitive everyday, with the real threats sticking around and all of the non-contenders pretty much throwing in the towel. With all of these podcasts, radio shows, ebooks and guest posts popping up, I feel as if what I’ve been doing so far is no longer enough. That I am going to have to step up my game or risk being left in the dust (which wouldn’t be that bad because I wouldn’t have the pressure on me to succeed). I’m not sure if I will ever make any money off of this (I have read about the process in doing so, setting up ads, etc.) but I’m perfectly happy with this carefree blogging style right now.

A couple years back, I would have never thought blogging would ever still be this popular (I thought it was a lost art to video) or if it would have any significant impact on me and everyone else. But, of course I was dead wrong. It is alive and well in 2016 and is going to new and better heights. I feel proud to be apart of this wonderful place and really hope for the best from me down the road. Where the road eventually leads me, I can only wonder. My eyes have been opened. I am a better thinker because of blogging. I may consider myself a true nerd now. This may be my true calling in life. I kind of always knew I was meant for writing when I was little – I liked to be by myself and enjoyed reading books by myself. I had a dream of writing a book one day, even attempting it a couple times with no success. There was my Harry Potter knock-off, my Planet of the Apes knock-off, and my story about all these people with strange powers that somehow come together to save the world (unintentional Heroes knock-off). These ideas fizzled and died.

Habits: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Photographing some of my habits was interesting. Some of them can’t really be shown because they are internal while some are too personal or embarrassing to show. But I rounded up some of the things that are easily captured with my camera. .
Saving UpVery good habit of putting loose change in a savings bank
BloggingThe one habit that has become more of a lifestyle: blogging Cat on sillBlackie has a habit of sitting in the window
CuriousAnd looking out it curiously like this.Cat in the fridgeAnd he loves to hop into the fridge when I open it.sandwichhabitsAnd my favorite habit of making sandwiches to snack on, usually peanut butter but there was none today so this is bacon, lettuce, barbecue, and the final scrapings from the PB jar.

Let It Go?

Tell us about a habit you’d like to break. Is there any way it can play a positive role in your life?

Does anyone remember reading the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Sean Covey in high school? This was a great book that taught me much to know about beginning my life as an adult and learning to be self-sufficient and think for myself. The habits described in that book are what you want to have, the habits we are discussing today are little leaches that cling on to you and won’t let go without a little pain involved.

Will I ever stop using the Daily Prompt to fulfill my daily writing duties when nothing else is there to write? No, because it is my essential lifeline in this high pressured environment (well, that might be a little too much) where your voice must be heard out of the millions out there. Without it, I am very vulnerable. It is like my training wheels I can not let go of. Publishing posts off the “grid” is like venturing out into the wild and hoping someone can find you by the smoke from your fire. If you build a good enough one, someone is bound to reach you, but a smoldering, tiny flame – not really. The only positive I can come up with of not hanging on to this device that should be renamed “Blogging Made Simple” is I would be more able to write about things I care about that are more original and creative. Instead of following the sheep all the time, what if I started to be the wolf that went off and did my own thing? That’s how I started my blog, in fact, but I soon found it difficult to keep coming up with good posts and they weren’t doing zilch for me stat wise. That’s why I’m hanging out with you folks. All my buddies are here.

The habit of using the Daily Prompt as leverage aside, there are a number of habits I would like to break. I’m not just going to name one like the WordPress monkeys instruct me to (I really think the whole panel is just chimps who press a button and a random topic comes up, sometimes repeats).

Watching porn, now that is one of the biggest habits that has consumed almost my entire life in the double digits (I started at 11). It’s not exactly a bad thing but takes away from accomplishing more important matters like finding a job, making friends, or actually meeting someone and getting into a relationship. Some say it’s a healthy way of releasing my urges and refraining from unsafe practices, but the guilt I feel afterward makes it seem dirty and vile though I always go back to it. I’ve always wanted to give this up, to stop it completely, go cold turkey, but it’s like a drug I need to take when I’m feeling lonely and depressed and desperate for some companionship. The few times my mom and other relatives in my house found out about it nearly made me stop completely, the embarrassment so bad, but the addiction and cravings still resided anyway, coming back after all the fuss died down. Letting go of this would make me feel less compartmentalized and willing to be more effective in my life.

I’m not a smoker or a drinker so I don’t have to worry about breaking those common habits. I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life but have been the victim of secondhand smoke many times though I haven’t noticed any ill side effects yet. My drinking habits are very mild, I mean I can drink just one beer or other alcoholic drink and I’m beat.

Twisting my hair – this was a habit I had during the summer of 2003. Really made my hair a knotty mess. It wasn’t until I got a haircut that I stopped because there wasn’t anything left to twist. I still do it sometimes when I’m feeling stressed and anxiety but it’s a bad habit because my head then looks like a tangle of weeds.

Picking at my face/facial hair – it’s just something I can’t help but do. It’s a comfort thing. When I had lots of acne at around 12 years old, my number one habit would be picking at bulbous zits, which was gross. I don’t have acne anymore but the habit of picking at little annoying bumps that pop up every once in a while still resides. I also love to play with my chin and moustache hair, even plucking out individual strands. A disgusting and bad habit because it leaves an uneven mess.

Humming to myself – I believe this is more of a physiological thing than a habit but nevertheless, it bothers me and others. When I am by myself or just feeling under stress, I have a habit of humming weird noises on and off. I started doing this during the first few months of fourth grade and students and teachers were annoyed by it. I finally stopped it for a while but it occurred again during sixth grade and I now have been doing it the last few days of sitting in the library working on my blog. And maybe that’s it. The reason I’m doing it again is because I’m stressed out over not being able to work in the comfort of my home. There isn’t anything really bad about this that would ruin my life, but when people notice me doing it and look at me strangely, I suddenly feel beside myself.

I would also like to say credit/debit card spending is a big habit in my life, because I must have spent 1000s of dollars in the last four years on fast food, groceries, games, computer software, video equipment, website funds, and iTunes music (getting songs the legal way is better). It isn’t my worst habit, always having to buy something when I have money on my CSL Plasma prepaid debit card, but if I could start saving up some cash for the future, for that time when everything really gets tight financially, I would be all set.

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breakdown.”