Point of No Return

Reach for the bright stars

But don’t bruise yourself up

On the long way down





Image result for sorry

Sorry about the wait

That distracted me from you

I should have known it all along

The reason I felt so blue


Fifth of July

 photo fireworks7_zpsrdqsdz0t.jpg photo fireworks3_zpsmr1okqvf.jpg photo fireworks1_zpsw7kjkbng.jpg photo fireworks2_zpshkaybe1r.jpg photo fireworks4_zpsblykebog.jpg photo fireworks5_zpsfzy9jngq.jpg

The rockets red glare
A smoky haze in the night
Celebrations commence

The sky, smoky sky
Burning bright behind
An earthly forest

Ignite the darkness
This nation a year older
The layers upon layers
Of blood, sweat, and tears

Hopes and dreams renewed
The gleam of the sword
Signifying mightiness
And strength of the united

Burn,  Layers

Summer Haze – Transitions


Spring days are ending
Slipping into summer’s grip
At volcano’s edge

This summer loving
The taste so sweet, so sugar
Like nectar honey

Give me the Bright sun
Shine down on electric water
Shift the desert sands


Banana Power


The banana tree

Blown by winds pours raindrops

Into the bucket

WPC: Curve



Green Thumb


All the land is green

The land that I call my home

Rain falling like shrapnel



That Nostalgic Feeling


In a harmonious state

We join our heads and think about

All the days long gone by