Happy Halloween


What a great Halloween it was today (sarcasm).

I like Halloween but I personally think it is one of the cheesiest and overhyped holidays ever. There’s no other day of the year where people volunteer to walk around in funny masks or costumes meticulously made out of household items. Halloween was such a fun holiday when I was in elementary school but after I got older it started to become less important; less about the all the cavity inducing candy received and more about celebrating this great time of the year that is about transitions.


This year I bought a pumpkin and only penned in the outline of the Michigan block ‘M’, too lazy to gut out the nasty innards of the gourd, realizing it is such a waste of time as the pumpkin is no good afterward.


The 1988 cult classic Pumpkinhead was watched again this year, as is a tradition that started a few years back. In order to watch the film this year, I had to order it online because it is virtually unavailable anywhere in stores and only freely available through shady bootleg sites. The film is nothing special and has one of the most ridiculous plotlines (summoning the monster just because a boy gets accidentally run over by a motorcycle) but it’s the uniqueness and artistic value of the film that makes it a favorite among underground fans on Halloween.

The original poem that inspired the film:

“Keep away from Pumpkinhead,
Unless you’re tired of living,
His enemies are mostly dead,
He’s mean and unforgiving,
Laugh at him and you’re undone,
But in some dreadful fashion,
Vengeance, he considers fun,
And plans it with a passion,
Time will not erase or blot,
A plot that he has brewing,
It’s when you think that he’s forgot,
He’ll conjure your undoing,
Bolted doors and windows barred,
Guard dogs prowling in the yard,
Won’t protect you in your bed,
Nothing will, from Pumpkinhead!”


Fifty Shades of Fall

Fifty Shades of Falltree7tree6tree5tree4

Excuse another one of my classic puns.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Fall/Autumn 

Halloween Riot

 photo halloweenpumpkin_zpsdwim28e4.jpg
My Donald Trump pumpkin carving, which took about an hour and a half to make

Halloween was a cheerful all nighter,
The haunted house and the chainsaw choir
The kids walked up to my door,
Candy I had no more,
So they proceeded to set my house on fire!

Of course that last line didn’t happen, but it was another Midwest Halloween for me that was more quiet and somber than in previous years, with both of my sisters being away and the good ole days of trick or treating getting further and further in the mirror – I didn’t even dress up this year. The walk through the park’s haunted house was better than I expected, was really spooky and believable. A white faced Michael Myers impersonator really did a good job of creeping me out after I had a moment’s stare at him, following behind me in the maze and then meeting me at the end where a man revving a real chainsaw (or was it just a sound effect?) had me worried that I quickly got out of there. The rain poured down tonight, leaving a really damp and depressing All Saint’s Eve, not prime weather for our little costumed heroes that it was all over by 8:00. I didn’t run out of candy, that’s for sure, and there weren’t any riots.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick or Trick.”

Let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

Repeating the Halloween prompt from last year? Fine, I’ll take it. My first response was a revenge poem as well.

The Lone Masquerade

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Artist

Shucks, I can’t remember what it was I thought about before waking up this on this plain Jane morning. I know I was dreaming about something, but I can’t remember what exactly the dream was about; it was very vivid and deep, I must say, and I didn’t want to wake up just yet because of the story getting really dark and gritty but it started to fade as my morning mind took over, along with my uncle reminding me it was a plasma day. I vaguely remember the dream having something to do with the Pokerap that has been stuck in my head all day, after I featured it in my Throwback Thursday post yesterday, or all the entertaining YouTube videos I ended up watching after the original video was over, all within my blog. It started with Vsauce, a really entertaining channel of science, facts, and humor, and then trailed off into “the guy of a kajillion voices” and some 107 random facts about popular cartoons.

Of course, I thought of my blog, like on most days, contemplating what the Daily Prompt assignment is going to be about, wondering if I’ll finally publish a post around the same time that the “core” of super bloggers do (not today either). I’m talking about the bloggers I frequently see publishing posts in the morning to early afternoon; one of those I’m following is nearly always first because of his typical short witty responses. I’m always late to the party, choosing my own time. It’s this resentment, as well as my tiredness, to following along with this daily “sheep fest” that has me riding off the rails and wanting to do my own thing, for better or worse.

Explaining the title, one of the more humorous and strange things to happen today was my dad wearing a black masquerade “Batman” mask while driving down the highway on the way to the second of our weekly plasma donations, to a couple of concerned stares. He wore the mask into the plasma center as well, trying to seek attention but which wasn’t happening, to his disappointment and sulking later on. The screening booth attendant told him to take it off and he complained. Seriously, what were you thinking? He was the only one wearing a mask, looking rather silly. It’s not even Halloween yet – don’t embarrass yourself.

Speaking of Halloween and masks, my costume this year will be a hasty redo of a previous year’s edition. I’ll likely don my Darth Vader mask again along with a black t-shirt, pants, and shoes – minus the plastic lightsaber, that would be too much – and head off to the “haunted” Halloween party just around the corner in the community clubhouse. I’m hoping I’m not the only 20-something there amidst a bunch of children, which I very much doubt, but will still enjoy myself with donuts, cider, and the many cliches of Halloween strung and laid all around.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!).”

Do you keep a notebook next to your bed? Good. Today, jot down the first thought you have upon waking, whether or not it’s coherent.

I used to keep a notebook next to my bed, when I was jotting down my dreams, but I got tired of that and lost interest. So, sorry to disappoint you, WordPress monkeys. Maybe next time you’ll have luck making a “good” assumption about me.

Noche de los Fantasmas

Day 303 - Fiery Spider

Pumpkins are synonymous with the season of black cats, witches, goblins, cider, corn mazes, and low budget horror flicks that come out on home video a short time after hitting theaters. Here is a pumpkin carving of a typical eight legged “spade backed” spider that I carefully created last year (with the aid of a stencil). I placed two small candles inside the pumpkin and then photographed the carved gourd outside at night, capturing the fiery glow. The edge of the pumpkin is barely visible, preserving the eeriness of the picture. It’s not my best effort and I’ll likely try this again this year, choosing a different, more elaborate design, and planning my shot a little differently.

As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light…
~Nicholas Gordon, poemsforfree.com

Halloween is just around the corner again, which I can’t believe and always am fascinated about. It’s the psuedo-spookiness, much of it forced, we incorporate on this superstitious night that makes me appreciate this time of year. Quite a fun, but cheesy time that originated from ancient religious practices. I loved the days of late-night candy scavenging as a kid, dressed in a different costume every year, going door to door and chanting the cliche question of two options and eagerly holding out my bag or bucket to be filled with the kind of candy that would make a dentist turn white. I believe the only time I’ve gotten “tricked” was when I was reaching into the candy bucket of a still and silent scary clown – which didn’t look real – and he suddenly snapped back at me, “Don’t touch my candy!”, scaring me half to death. Halloween never got more real than that.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”

Odd Ball Challenge: 2015 Week #23

0510151209-00This cake was supposed to say “Happy Mother’s Day” but the creator must have had a brain fart or was distracted and wrote “Happy Brother’s Day”. Being that this cake was meant for my mom on Mother’s Day, I guess I got a little recognition as well 🙂 This cake obviously wasn’t done by a professional.
Don't sit on meDuring me and my family’s stay in Hell, Michigan, we visited Scream’s Icecream Shop. There was a lot of weird looking stuff in there, many of it Hell/Halloween themed, but this chair was one of the funniest and uniquest things I discovered.
The “ninja door” in Holt, Michigan that I always see on the way to plasma donation. And this building is a karate school so I believe it was intentional. Anyone who fails the school must get kicked out the “ninja door” 😀
Devil butt
Another odd thing from Hell…Michigan and I don’t know what else to say.
One of the oddest animals in the world. Just what are those humps for?
Blinded by the light
An unintentional result of sunlight obscuring the picture.
Day 17 - Lampshade
And the oddest of all, my dad.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Day 31
Vertigo: Reflective window of a Burger King

PTDC0266 (2)Remember when it was Halloween?
And you carved your pumpkin
Hastily or with care?
This is mine a couple days after…

Emily acting odd with a paperflake
0215 Organ
My organ/piano that I rarely play now. Has become more of a junk collector.  My cousin’s kids like to play it.
PTDC0237 (2)
Knife in the Bread: My picture for a “Chopping Block”
Day 175
Overexposed picture of a glass bear
Plaza walkway of the City Crossing with a sketch filter