A Jubilant Time


Little E with her Connor in a happy moment sometime last year.

WPC: Jubilant

A New Groove

1048978_4953135984592_362248409_oWhen your home state NFL team is being a disappointment (this is nothing new), it’s time to take a vacation or at least try something new. This is what I consider a “happy place”. I’ll just relax in the sand and forget about sports. It’s all trivial stuff anyway. Sometimes, it’s just best to clear my mind and think about the future and what I can do better with my life. When I’m having trouble writing and becoming flat and unmotivated, there’s a need to refresh and find my groove again.

I like to think that this photograph is the ideal description of what my mind should look like, but of course it’s more complicated than that. Most of the time it is like a black void and feels as if nothing is there, but once the idea train gets a-chugging, it turns into an industrial factory with ideas being manufactured like clockwork. And that’s what I love, that reassurance that I’ve still got it, the will to be creative and not get lost in a flat, uninspired universe ruled by a totalitarian government where everything is the same. That would be horrible.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Happy Place.”

Dancing Like I’m 18 Again

Dancing with all the kids
Like it was just yesterday
Doing the Cha Cha slide
Like they did at my high school arrays
Those moves, the sound, the energy
Electricity pumped through my veins
I was alive
I was cool
I was young and happy, so full of yeah
A burden of adulthood
Lifted off my shoulders
Then the fireworks started up
It was truly spectacular, the fizz and smolder
I watched in awe
As they shot off
On that July 4th night
Celebrating my country
Celebrating us
Celebrating me
Very rarely
Will this ever
Happen again
But I savored the moment
As 18 pulls away
And I advance
Toward the
Inevitable future

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Young and the Rested.”

When was the last time you felt truly rejuvenated and energized? What made you feel that way?

WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives

0213 Saving A Life

This picture was taken back in February 2014 at the CSL Plasma center in Lansing, Michigan where my family and I go to donate plasma (the pale-yellow, mainly water portion of the blood) and earn about sixty dollars per week on two separate days: $20 on the first and about $40 on the second. At the time I was working on a 365 day photo project and this sign seemed like a great addition to the mix. The photograph means something special to me because my family and I are actually saving people’s lives (in a fragmented way) by supplying various hospitals and clinics with the essential components from our donated plasma, including proteins and antibodies, needed to make certain life-saving medicines. This is a multibillion dollar worldwide business that is viewed both strongly and negatively by various organizations because of the immediate dangers of pathogenic diseases such as AIDS/HIV being spread through the blood, tainting the plasma, and infecting patients receiving it but this seems to be under control. Continue reading “WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives”