Newspaper Nostalgia

There’s a newspaper on the driveway. Should I pick it up? No, it’s probably just meaningless rubbish and advertisements. Throw it in the trash along with all the other worthless pieces of mail.

Who reads newspapers anymore?  It has become a thing of the past for the most part. News is readily available anywhere and not confined to just one medium. I think the last time I read the newspaper was two years ago. It would be odd to see someone unfolding a newspaper to its biggest form like in one of those comedy movies, their face all lost in it, sitting on the park bench. Newspapers are too cumbersome to be of any use. I long remember the days when you had to go to some page labeled A2 to get the rest of the article, making a loud rustling sound and having to rearrange the page in your lap.

“Dewey defeats Truman” is probably one of the most famous headlines ever. An incorrect banner on the front of the Chicago Tribune stating that Harry Truman had lost to New York senator Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 election. Truman held it up during the night he won the election, beaming brightly at the blunder.

I still value the written word on newspapers over digital anyday, because there is a personal connection there. News may be delivered quicker online and is more easily digestible, but a newspaper is more timeless and collectible.