Weekly Photo: The Enlightenment

5more5A symbol of hope, of the light that shines through the darkness, the top right circle shows. Like one window being lit up in an apartment building when everyone else is asleep at night, showing that life is still moving and there never will be total silence. Or it could symbolize the answer that has suddenly been found for someone, the key to their problems, the key to success or whatever they’re trying to reach.

A symbol of understanding and spiritual reasoning, as the Age of Enlightenment brought about. At the bottom of the mug there is despair and coldness, everything shrouded in darkness, the answers unclear and vague, but at the top is the brightness and warmth that everyone seeks. The top right circle is the brightest and symbolizes the ideal solution above all potential ones. It is the proverbial spot where one strikes gold or oil and realizes their wildest dreams come true.

 Weekly Photo Challenge: “Symbol.”

Reflection Reveals

In my quiet mitten state town
A corner’s being turned
For Spring’s sweet airy sensation
Uplifting my spirits
Dreaming of warm weather vacation
While blue sky shines
In a clear vivid oasis
Fresh drops from earth’s
Fluffy pillows
Smiling back at me
Tempting the click,
Shutter, flash, record
Of year’s first peaceful walk
Without a traveling blanket around my back
Or the slippery ice beneath my feet
But it always returns, that white blanket of
Chilly annoyance
Wash, rinse, repeat

Staying Alive

You were caught in an avalanche. To be rescued, you need to make it through the night. What thought(s) would give you the strength to go through such a scary, dangerous situation?

So cold
want to go home
winter keeps me down
icy wall
rushing my breath
bones chilled
skin blue as Nordic
close my eyes
let the poetry seep through
let my words flow like water
let them break through this
it’s all I can do
keeping me going
thoughts of home
back with my loved ones
not being buried in snow
trying my best
so tired
just want to sleep
and forget the rest
let my dreams take me away
maybe think about tomorrow
everything cleared away
my days free from sorrow

0124 Burger

DP #67: “Under the Snow.”