Cleveland Rocks

They have finally done it. 52 years of heartbreak is over for Lake Erie’s pride and joy. A parade is being held for Cleveland – Cleveland. Who would have thought it after the series was essentially over?

So Father’s Day 2016 was a welcoming time. Even at my age, getting a card for dad still means something. The funnier the better.

It was a day at the aptly named Grass Lake a few miles north of the homestead. Cooling off from 98° weather. If you don’t mind the muck and seaweed covered lake bottom (that feels suspiciously like the fish nets used to catch Nemo), then swimming here is a refreshing experience. The usual sights here are mid-size pontoon boats belonging to private citizens motoring in the middle of the lake and flocks of seagulls and geese that wade in the water. There’s a giant pavilion and tennis court that has seen badminton rackets and highly unskilled players a number of times (meaning myself and the rest of my family).

The power went out tonight just as Game 7 of the NBA finals was beginning on TV. It wasn’t just the power to our humble abode that shut off but the entire neighborhood, so it was off to Wings and Screens to catch the Warriors and Cavaliers duke it out for the title. Golden State jumped ahead early and looked poised to finally finish their magical ride, but eventually Cleveland’s inside game and strength from LeBron James overpowered them. The majority of the friendly bar and restaurant cheered every time Cleveland scored a basket or took the lead, while a few hoots and hollers were for the House that Steph Made Relevant Again. The game went down to the final minute and Golden State had one last gasp to win this game, but it was not to be. The Cavs won the game for their very first championship in franchise history and first for “The Land” in over 50 years. LJ’s mission is over: this third championship of his career is the most important. He got really emotional, putting his face to the Golden State endcourt line, knowing that he had just made history. This was more than just a win for Cleveland – it was an awakening. Professional basketball is alive and well in Northeast Ohio.

I was going to publish this story of mine yesterday from my phone but the Internet was out and my mobile’s battery died while getting Wi-Fi at the sports bar after wasting so much time formatting the pictures and text (those annoying &nbsp’s in the HTML).


It is back and everything is normal once again.

Cleveland’s version of “The Return of the King” has ended the way many hoped it would, even for the ones who burned his jersey back in 2010. All of a sudden, the demand for Steph Curry gear has gone down in my mind as King James has secured his rightful place in basketball again.