You know what’s rare? An all glass house with glass walls, floors, and ceiling. It’s one of those structures that looks magnificent on the outside but is truly a nightmare on the inside because there is always the fear that it will all come crashing down in millions of dangerous shards. Unless you have curtains, everyone can see what is going on inside leading to privacy issues. Now this relates to the proverb that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. When you are said to live in a glass house, you have weaknesses that are apparent on the outside. It is then not right to criticize others who have similar weaknesses because you end up being a hypocrite.

Photo Challenge: Rare

Four Walls and a Roof

My elementary school in Parma, MI. Still seems like yesterday when looking at this photo I snapped
The “dream house” on the side of my road, as I call it
During the brief “yellow car game” fad of 2010, this was taken
The house that I lived in for the shortest time, not even a year

I have lived in many houses in my lifetime, have moved around inside a radar like area staying close to the certain hotspot amenities that I had gotten used to my whole life. Many good things and bad things happened in these houses and they all have their own set of events according to my storyline so far. Whenever I think of one particular house I lived in, I know the exact time period and what was going on in my life at the time, what sort of things were on my mind. The elementary school I went to, as seen in the above picture taken last year, looks as if nothing has changed with it the last time I was sitting in a classroom there in 2003 – of course, with a small town like Parma, nothing seems to change.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Houses