Klondike Bar


What would I do for a Klondike bar?

I’d probably lift a two ton car

Go skiing down a rocky mountain

Punch a shark in the back

Kiss my mouth to the drinking fountain

The ideas are even more absurb

For this delightful icecream sandwich

But this is all just a joke so no need to panic

#NaNoPoblano2016 Day 18

Cherry on Top


What could be better than a huge icecream sundae? The history of putting a cherry on top of the icecream mountain probably goes way back to the early 1900s, when icecream parlours, barstool soda shoppes, and Wurlitzer jukeboxes were huge. I usually eat the cherry last, as a lasting momento of the delicious entree I just ate, the appetizing reward you may say. Maraschino cherries are the best – biting into the juicy red bulb, tasting the sweet syrup, and leaving the stem behind on the table for the waitress to clean up later.

Cherry on Top

Chasing the Icecream Truck

I remember those days very faintly. Chasing down the icecream truck with the money mom(my) gave us out of a little savings jar.

Today I did that again for the first time in years, because #YOLO. And it took me countless minutes to find the damn thing. I had to follow the sound of the familiar icecream truck sound (it sounds like “does your chin hang low, does it fall on to the floor”). I finally caught up to it in the sweltering heat of early summer. The truck starting backing up and pulled up to the sidewalk. I walked up to it and and the college looking dude asked what I wanted. I looked at the menu on the side of the truck and decided on the cookies and cream bar. In went my two bucks that didn’t have much other use and out came an icecream bar.


Sweet Tooth Happiness



cold to

the little tooth,

Sweet to the satisfaction,

A sensational happy moment,

Towering summit like Rocky Mountain high

Shrinking it down, that is the evening goal,

Watch out for whipped avalanche,

Skiing down the mountainside,

With one final maraschino,

Saved til last spoonful,

Plump and savory,

A stem is the



In Response to the Daily Post photo prompt: Treat

Icecream For A Year?

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?


Oh thank heaven for the Daily Post.

Without it, I wouldn’t be as far along as I am right now with this blog, still stuck in a mediocre rut. I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful bloggers either, many of them I’ve been reading and connecting with since September 2014 when this magical ride of mine began.

Thankfully, my mind has been expanded this past year by injecting it with daily doses of WordPress’ miracle drug, which does not guarantee any miracles persay. It’s official motto: “When you’re being subdued by the infamous blogger’s block, call on Daily Promptax. You’ll be cast away to blog heaven in no time”. May or may not contain traces of LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs.

Today The Daily Post is granting me three wishes. Now, if I have learned anything from them, I would take these and use them very wisely because they would probably be the best way to escape this uneventful life of mine and soar to the stars.

I would wish to be famous. Why not? It’s the route that most 20 somethings are embarking on or have already been apart of for a while. So why not me? In terms of this, I’m thinking YouTube famous but I could go for the real enchilada. I would ask my own personal Daily Post genie (which is really a 3D projection from Ben Huberman) and would wake up tomorrow with 15 million subscribers and hundreds of amazing videos. YouTube always has been a fascinating dream of mine, but so far I’ve been unable to really do anything. What if the wish put me into the body of one of the stars and I could live their life?

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to take my camera anywhere I go, never wanting to miss that perfect moment when I come across something that has art written all over it. But there isn’t always anything good to photograph or days go by where I’m trapped with my dull surroundings, unable to escape this “prison” that restricts my imagination. My second wish would be to always have something wonderful to take a picture of everyday. Whether it is dropped in front of me or I’m magically transported to a beautiful place on the planet, I would love for there always to be something to inspire me. True, you can find something amazing in the most mundane photos but I’m talking about going to Paris or China and getting something entirely brand new.


And I saved the best for last because this is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Icecream is something I can’t get enough of. Actually, who cannot say that? My final wish (I was going to ask for more wishes but that would require additional paperwork and selling my soul) would be to have those mini containers of icecream delivered to my house every day for free. Two or three would suffice. The flavor would always be a surprise. I would eat it in the day or at night. I wouldn’t get sick on it either because it’s magical icecream.

Why didn’t I ask for a million gazillion dollars like any normal person would? Because the first wish basically guarantees that already if I’m a big movie star and all of a sudden I would be a prime target for identity theft and espionage. People wouldn’t leave me alone. Paparazzi would always be hanging around my tall shrubberies in the shapes of lions. Friends and relatives would always be asking me for cash or to buy them a new house. I’d be on the cover of every magazine and wouldn’t be able to hide. And I sure wouldn’t know what to do with all that money or if it would even be safe in a bank.

But who am I kidding? It would be awesome to be filthy rich.

In my official autobiography, when writing down how I earned all my wealth, I would write down these four words:

I thank the genie. (That’s the name of the book as well)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Eat and Greet

The theme of my batch of pictures this week is food, specifically signs I’ve captured that depict different food or names of restaurants.

Hot Fudge PuffA sign hanging in the window of a classic icecream joint written by hand with permanent marker. Has a sort of 1960s or 70s vintage look about it. As you can see, the icecream stand is directly across from a residential street. And if you look behind the letters, you can see me taking the picture.Snack Bar signAnother sign directing to the snack bar at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan which I went to in 2013 with a couple of friends. A smiling meerkat is holding an icecream cone. Has a childish factor to it, aimed towards making young kids feel comfortable at the zoo.
Cheesecake FactoryThe Cheesecake Factory! Inspired to visit and eat there by The Big Bang Theory, which basically helped it get discovered by many more people than before. The cheesecake is out of this world, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. They also have lunch and dinner meals and appetizers, which are also fantastic, especially the jalapeno nachos.
ReceiptAnd here is the ending ticket from a meal at a Denny’s in Indiana just last summer. The waiter’s name was Steve Austin so my family that was with me kept thinking of the “Stone Cold” WWE wrestler.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 2015 Week #27

WPC: Door to History

Day 219 - Looking In
The Parlour – Old Fashioned Ice Cream

The Parlour is a little slice of heaven I have always loved to go to since I was a baby essentially. The ice cream there has never failed to satisfy me, with the Dare to be Great always the monster feat on the menu, the signature product that many have tried to conquer but have failed. This place has had its history of closings, renovations, reopenings, and financial troubles, but it still proves to be one of the more popular places to eat in my hometown. Even people from other states know about this little gem and probably come here when they visit Michigan. The one thing in this iconic place that has not been replaced through all these years is an old-fashioned jukebox or Wurlitzer, that stands in a corner near the entrance. I don’t think it works anymore but it is a symbol of the Parlour’s original 1950s roots.

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Door.”

Summertime in the Rose City

Summer Hangout
Frosty Boy opens annually during the summer in Jackson

It’s summertime here in southern Michigan, so that means a number of things: going to the lake, shaking out the snow white legs, eating ice cream outdoors, and watching a bunch of fringe sports until the real main attraction comes back in the fall. So far this summer, I’ve done every one of those things except the first because I guess we’re too lazy or tired to make the trip to a lake this year.

The real highlight of the summer so far though has been going to a June 9th baseball game at Comerica Park between the Tigers and the Cubs. The stadium sitting just across the street from the Lions’ Ford Field is magnificent and no matter where you are seated you get an excellent view of the game going on the field, as my folks did sitting in the third tier. The Tigers dominated and won the game, but it was Tigers outfielder Rajai Davis’ amazing over the wall robbing catch of a potential home run that I remember the most.

The Rose Parade is an annual tradition here

There was also the Rose Parade in my hometown of Jackson which I got all on video and have yet to do anything with. The 57th incarnation of it. It included around four local marching bands, three floats or cars of Rose pageant queens, two men in superhero costumes (Batman and “Captain Jackson”), one happy go lucky but equally creepy Ronald McDonald character and one marching Monty Python Spam-a-Lot ensemble. It was altogether a wonderful day at the parade, even if I was too old to receive candy from the throwers and gave a potentially free stick of cotton candy I found lying on the ground untouched back to the vendor who supposedly dropped it. There was a cop right across the street from where the cotton candy lay and I obviously didn’t want to look suspicious or fall for some unintentional bait.

Here is an excerpt from the Rose Parade website as to how my city got its nickname:

In 1922 the Town Improvement Society approved the idea of a rose garden for the Ella Sharp Park as a memorial to Ella W. Sharp, the donor of 550 acres of land to the city and the first president of the Town Improvement Society. Society members planted roses and developed the garden, which was dedicated in 1926. Five years later, the rose was chosen as the official flower for Jackson and we became the Rose City.

A pretty straightforward tale that I just found out today.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In the Summertime.”

If it’s autumn or winter where you live, what are you most looking forward to doing next summer? If it’s spring or summer where you are, what has been the highlight of the season so far for you?

One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

owpc_cold My freezer gets quite cold at times, turning water into solid blocks of ice in minutes. Cuts of meat turn into frozen rocks of near inedibleness (which isn’t a word but I don’t know how else to describe it). Ground beef and the large turkey in there require a long defrost before they are anywhere near fit for cooking. Sometimes it’s like the frozen tundra of Russia or the Arctic Circle in there. But of course this would never come close to what a walk-in freezer is like. That is chilly!
 This plastic bottle of malt liquor has froze into a sort of malt slush. I exaggerated the coldness in Photoshop by adjusting the curves filter.
And our favorite cold dish of ice cream, this being a Mini Banana Split Sundae.


And wash down the hot fudge of the ice cream, or that delicious steak dinner, with a nice cold glass of water and ice.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

The Macbofisbil Cuisine

I’ve been waiting for the day to use my alter ego in a creative way…

If any restaurant is going to name something after me, they’d better have a good reason to. What are my contributions to this unnamed eating establishment? I must have donated some money or did something incredible, such as eating all of their crackers up in one setting or tackling their previously impossible to eat Sasquatch Burger, since other than my laid back lifestyle, there really isn’t that much unique or interesting about me to have my mark set on something.

But let’s be optimistic here – if the Macbofisbil cuisine was suddenly put on the menu at Mystery restaurant, I would prefer my very own custom made burger to be the centerpiece. The bun would probably be light and fluffy and mostly air, describing my enjoyment of silence and the solitude, ideal ways to for me to write, practice photography, listen to music, or read books. Many layers on this burger, since I am no one trick pony. Two all steak patties, Colby jack, Swiss cheese, mushrooms, tomato, onion, pickles, special sauce, banana peppers, lettuce, on a toasted rye bun. You know the Big Mac? Well try the Macbofisburger, named after my online penname. It’s not just for blogging anymore. You and everyone else who pops into Bob’s Steakhouse will absolutely enjoy this burger, since it is made with the same love and care that I have, for most of the time, applied to running this blog – and some magic as well. Thick cut steak fries come on the side.

But that’s not all – since peanut butter is one of my favorite foods they would name their little in house spread packets after me. Macbofisbil peanut butter or something like that. Combine that with my ultimate favorite food, icecream, and you get the all new Macbofisbil specialty icecream on the dessert menu. I’m envisioning it as a sundae. With Macbofisbil peanut butter on the bottom and a juicy red strawberry on the top. That’s right. It’s not the cherry. Buck the system, buck tradition.  You can expect blueberry syrup running down over three scoops of yellow icecream since those colors describe my love for the Michigan Wolverines. I know this is not a common color of icecream but a scoop of grey would symbolize the grey areas in my mind, areas of the unexplainable, undefined, characteristics of my personality that aren’t really that clear to me. There would also be a scoop of mint chocolate chip, my favorite, and a topping of pecans (which are optional if you’re allergic). The Macbofisbil Sundae. Would anyone order this or the burger? I would assume so, since food is food, no matter what the label says. More menu items would come after these food successes. And then my very own Macbofisbil restaurant. Boy, it’s fun to dream.

And what a great way to extend my “brand” by having food bearing my invented name? They wouldn’t even have to know what it means.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You, the Sandwich.”

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)