Nature’s Immortality

Last night, a raging storm was happening outside my front door. I went outside into the thunder and rain to take pictures of the sight. First I was going out there barefoot with no coat on, retreating back inside to fix my error. I have to say I’m the only one around here who does any kind of photo taking, feeling the extreme loneliness but peace of calm about being able to explore my hobby without distractions, everyone else staying inside like the boring souls they always are.
Into the Storm
Into the Storm PTDC0046Into the StormSunset Over WaterDark SkiesI couldn’t get any lightning strikes because I can never anticipate them coming, unless I start counting after each sound of thunder but that’s still tedious and boring. I tried counting but gave up after over 120 counts.

We are mortal to nature’s force,
Can’t control the skies,
Underneath lightning and rains,
The call of the heavens cries

Humans, mere beings,
The cosmos, extreme seeing
Short lifespans we are,
The skies live on for millennia,
By and behold more powerful, by far

I heard the thunder roar,
Saw the crack, the electric bolt
Feeling slightly afraid,
But brave I was, tall and bold

Daily Prompt: Lookin’ Out My Back Door and DP: Finite Creatures (2)

I responded to this prompt back in October 2014 when I was just starting out as a consistent blogger. Check it out here.

Through the Ages

Let me take you on a journey that started as a seed

That grew from being fed and watered and became the life of me

At age zero, I was barely existent, my eyes still small and feeble

At age one, my ears started listening, and crawling led to people

At age two, I began to walk and not long after I could also talk

At age three, my sister arrived and I was no longer special

At age four, I soaked up knowledge like a sponge, the building blocks were no wrestle

At age five, my memories started pouring like concrete, things becoming sharper and clear

At age six, I woke up in a car and my life seemed to shift into high gear

At age seven, I was silent by far, and with autism trouble first arrived

My grandfather died that year and I soon became familiar with death’s fateful eye

At age eight, the world was still unknown, I had not reached the big climb

At age nine, summer school was a drone and my problems became more in line

At age ten, I smiled at the last decade but there was still something missing, no friends to partake

At age eleven, my body starting rearranging, moving into phase two

At age twelve, my last grandmother perished, and I did not know what to do

At age thirteen, the adolescent slump was difficult to manage, my life fairly poor and simple,

At age fourteen, things started to look up, I finally had a principle

At age fifteen, I kicked into high school, my final leg beginning

At age sixteen, the pedal finally felt my force, the car crazily spinning

At age seventeen, my first love came by dance floor, my worries finally subsiding

At age eighteen, I finally finished school, and it seemed like smooth riding 

At age nineteen, my studies were anew, a new freedom, a new edge

At age twenty, I finally found a money line, that was as easy as music on a bed

At age twenty-one, the speed limits were over, I was free to go wild as ever

At age twenty-two, I was suddenly not a child, and life started to become weathered

At age twenty-three, I am writing about the journey, how it twisted and turned and got me learning

That I was not invincible, my faults became clear, my eyes were opened, my ears became to hear

I am human like everyone else, complete with jagged edges, not perfect all at, still trimming the hedges

But I have never viewed myself as immortal, for that would be a boastful crime,

When death comes I will embrace it, 

The only thing immortal will be the words I leave behind

Daily Prompt 10/20/14

The feature image is of an immortal hydra polyp found in 2012 that could be the key to slowing down the aging process in humans, leading to near-immortality.