Quandong to Udon – A to Z Foods

In order to catch up on this challenge, I’m just going to combine the letters Q – U in one post. I’m quite tired of it anyway so this will make things quicker.

Here are some foods that you may not have heard of, originating in certain parts of the world:

 Quandong – a sweet tasting fruit native to Australia. Usually found in the deserts.

Rutabaga – a cross between a cabbage and a turnip.


Snickers – what you eat when you’re hungry. Of course, everyone knows what this is.

Tarragon – a species of perennial herbs found wildly around Europe and North America.  It has uses in culinary and medicine around the world.

Udon – a fancy Japanese noodle, great for making soups like these.

A to Z Challenge 2016

Ichiban – A to Z Foods

Ichiban Steakhouse is a chain of restaurants located throughout the United States, serving sushi and Japanese cuisine. I’ve never been there but can tell it is more authentic than most Japanese/Chinese restaurants I’ve been to. The outside may look like an average plaza chain restaurant, but the decor inside is truly derived from Japanese culture.

This high rise flaming method of cooking food is one of the things you’ll see at most Ichiban’s. People can watch professional Japanese chefs like this cook the food out in the dining room. Just don’t get too close to the flame.

Ichiban means “number one” in Japanese, so the owners of this chain, or at least the individual owners, are claiming that their cuisine is the greatest. What’s wrong with being confident?

A to Z Challenge 2016