Goodbye, June


The clouds of June 2016 are now just a distant memory, but of course they don’t know that. I don’t want to sound sentimental but those were some good clouds. Fluffy like a pillow.

Goodbye, June and hello to the second half of 2016. What does the rest of the year hold in store for me? Well, I’m turning the big 25 (that line in Sugar Ray’s “Fly” is finally going to relate to me – I can’t believe it) and going to a casino for the first time. Then it’s off to Kansas in October to see little E and celebrate Halloween. Then the small clan is going to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a hotel – something different from the usual stay at home where I play Auld Lang Syne like a champ on the old Andy Griffith guitar and pop champagne over my dad’s head, much to his thrill (sarcasm).

Happy July.



Sunday Stills: Circles

Or more like the Monday Montage…

But anyway, here are some pictures of circles I took for the Sunday Stills Challenge this week, my entrance into the month of June, the transition into the carefree period of summer and crappy gameshows.
Sunday StillsPaper Towel roll
Sunday StillsStool
Sunday StillsCat’s Eatery
Sunday StillsScotch Blue Painter’s Tape – used more like regular tape in our house
Sunday StillsWater spigot knob
Sunday StillsEmpty hornet’s nest…or so I think
Sunday StillsThe sound through my ears
Sunday StillsGrill vent cover
Sunday StillsReliant deadlock
Sunday StillsBBQ Pro Temp Gauge…read it to heat it to eat it
Sunday StillsA little closer look at all 700 degrees (350º C) of it.

Just 25 more days until this blog turns two years old! At this point last year I had less than 20 posts and less than 100 followers and had never received a comment. Amazing how everything can change.