Weekly Photo: The Enlightenment

5more5A symbol of hope, of the light that shines through the darkness, the top right circle shows. Like one window being lit up in an apartment building when everyone else is asleep at night, showing that life is still moving and there never will be total silence. Or it could symbolize the answer that has suddenly been found for someone, the key to their problems, the key to success or whatever they’re trying to reach.

A symbol of understanding and spiritual reasoning, as the Age of Enlightenment brought about. At the bottom of the mug there is despair and coldness, everything shrouded in darkness, the answers unclear and vague, but at the top is the brightness and warmth that everyone seeks. The top right circle is the brightest and symbolizes the ideal solution above all potential ones. It is the proverbial spot where one strikes gold or oil and realizes their wildest dreams come true.

 Weekly Photo Challenge: “Symbol.”

Never In the Dark Again

Having someone teach me
Has been the guiding light
In my pure potential life
And without the spiritual leadership
Of all the great ones around
I would still be in the dark
Still bringing the proverbial
Knife to the fight

This is to all who have helped me on WordPress, voluntarily or involuntarily, in writing this outstanding blog until now. I couldn’t have done it without you.

In Response to the Daily Post’s Writing Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

WPC: Third of Darkness

A little ball of light, storied fable
The lamp-let by my bedside table
Shines in the darkness
Absorbs in the bright
Noon, I’ll be in slumber ’til

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Another limerick inspired by Writing201!

WPC: Warmth


After Christmas lights

A lone source of warmth

Attracting moths

Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

WPC: Twinkle

“As visual creatures, we are drawn to light. For thousands of years, we’ve gathered around fires in the darkness, soothed by the glow of embers, and warmed by the dance of the flames. We revel in the sunshine of summertime. The sparkle of gemstones or moonlight on water inspires us to poetry. The ceremonial use of light has been practiced for centuries, by many religions and for many different kinds of celebrations. We love the light.”

The subtle twinkle of the back of a Blake Shelton CD
CD Light Show
Life-size birthday candle or the streetlight outside my house in the evening?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

WPC: Angular

Game Mountain!

A great idea to stack some games on top of each other and photograph them came to me when thinking about angular. My Photoshop skills were also put to the test since I cut the games out from a green screen picture and placed them in front of different scenes.




Photo Challenge for Week of November 21: Angular

Photo 101: Day 3 – Water

The third day of this fun course centering around the basics of photography asked me to interpret water. I chose one of the most beautiful places to take pictures of hydrogen and oxygen, the Cascades in my hometown.
9103625320_2d38ef6ae7_oThe blue phase of the electric waterfall was captured with fine detail. My hand was steady with this shot, making sure the water streaming down was not blurred. I framed this shot by stepping back a few paces, getting all three levels of the falls and the water rushing down below. I can still hear the beautiful sound of the water churning, splashing down in tidal waves on all three levels.


The yellow phase is a little more up close and personal. I see what looks like lacy curtains in the solid looking water. It reminds me of lemon flavored popsicles for some reason, maybe because this shot looks so delicious I can almost taste it.
9101395753_d0d8f308ac_oThis shot, strategically captured from the side, incorporates elements of the evening sky with black smoky clouds floating by, the blinding bright light looking like the entrance to some higher world, and the lowly flowers in the turrets.
9101395765_c6ffdbcaf0_oAhhh, now we have arrived in a hellish land, an oblivion. The mad, ferocious red and orange of this timely phase baths everything in a hot glow as if it’s a furnace. The water looks strikingly like hot magma, boiling, bubbling, flaring up as the stream splashes down. The fountain in the top right corner shooting red water high into the sky adds to this hellish scene.
9103625188_7052f63a67_oAnd now things cool down to an icy chill with the soothing dark blue phase of the Cascades. The white meshing with the chilling blue in the second level is so frozen looking, I literally feel ice forming in my veins.
9103625204_00d1df2073_oI captured everything in perspective with this wide angle shot, getting the rippling of the glistening pool with the luminescent green reflected on its surface.