A Lobster’s Life For Me

 photo lobster2_zpsc1q9nhu5.jpg

I’m a lobster trapped in a box
My life with the sea has been lost
The humans look at me all day
Oogling and googling as they walk away
My brothers and sisters, they’ll be dinner as well
The peaceful time in the sea, now condemned to this hell
They’ll throw me in the steaming pot
My rock hard shell will begin to be shot
Steaming and screaming
No more time for dreaming
Blue to red
The moment I dread
Once I leave this prison
Last crustacean sun has risen
If I could teleport to another place
It would be on the side of a coral face
Instead of being packed in a truck
On to Red Lobster, the irony, just my luck
This has to be a dream and I must still be at home
Instead of another rock lobster that gets cooked to the bone
But a human took a picture of us, huddled into a spot
Making this not so much a dream but a nightmare’s blot

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Food

Welcome to the photography challenge club, Shannon. She just started up a new challenge last week. The more angles on photography, the better. I gathered up some pictures of food from my Flickr archives to show as a late entry before she does another one tomorrow. I love taking pictures of food.

Mango-Key Lime
Mango key-lime cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.
Mango-Key Lime Cheesecake
Closer shot of the cheesecake. That whipped cream was placed so carefully on the top.
Jalapeno nachos
Jalapeno nachos
Slammin' Salmon
Cuts of salmon in a deli counter
Lobster on ice in a deli

Shrimp Lobster: Photo A Week Challenge

Nancy Merrill’s photo a week challenge today asked for photographs that fill the entire frame or at least dominate as the main subject. I last did one of her challenges back in March and this kind of serves as a supplement to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

For my mother’s birthday this year in August, we all went to Finley’s, a favorite restaurant to go for special occasions in my hometown. The last time we were there, a redheaded waitress got pissed off at us for not leaving her a tip – and the service was very good. The next day when I was in the college library, her d-bag boyfriend saw me and stopped me to ask if I would give him the tip money to give to his girlfriend. And no, I did not give him any money because he was acting very mean and demanding. I left the library in a reluctant behavior.

Now, dad said I could order anything I wanted off the menu since he was paying for it. Well, not to take too big advantage of this apparent loophole statement and break his wallet, I ordered a $15 shrimp and lobster mac & cheese dish besides the $20 succulent lobster. I expected it to be a small dish that wouldn’t take me long to eat. Was I wrong. It was at least 3 inches thick of juicy shrimp and lobster and a yummy, cheesy base of the best macaroni I’ve ever tried. Topped with a delicious mixture of Parmesan cheese, Italian spices, and breadcrumbs.


This was a dish I had to take home in a box. There was just so much there to eat and it was really filling but probably the best dish I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Luckily, I always have my camera with me in case I want to get delicious pictures of my meals in restaurants. Maybe I should start a food journal.