Purple Rain in Heaven

The one and only Prince has died today. One of the true legends of rock. A testament to everything that music was meant to be. A very misunderstood character who rarely ever made appearances in public or did interviews. Much like I do on multiple occasions in the online world, he changed his stage name a couple of times including be known by “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” and some weird unpronounceable symbol below:

Prince logo.svg
Looks like the combination of a french horn, cross, spear, and chameleon tail. I see a penguin in there as well

But I’m just being a hypocrite here. I never cared a lick about Prince or his music. I barely know anything about him. I’m too young to say I know everything about him. I’m only just watched the film “Purple Rain” and it was the final 20 minutes or so.

I was never a huge fan of his (the music was way too deep and ambiguous for me) but grew up hearing some of his big hits on oldies radio , such as “When Doves Cry” and that way outdated song “1999” that actually came out in 1982 unbeknownst to me, because it was an apocalyptic song relating to *strange events* that would take place in 2000 – nothing really happened except some f’ed up computer clock displays. Thank you dad for stocking up on hundreds of boxes of mac n’ cheese that just cluttered up our brand new Lazy Susan cabinet. Why are those things called “Lazy Susans”? Are similarly, why are those other things called “dumbwaiters”? What if we added some technological advancement like Wi-Fi to the devices usually only seen in expensive houses? Could we call them smartwaiters then?

Anyway, back on topic.

A #GoogleDoodle 4 Prince (1958-2016)

Sadly, Prince Rogers Nelson’s music can’t be heard on YouTube because he removed it (or muted the audio on some videos) because of being a copyright jerk but can be heard on Apple Music or Spotify, which is the meaning behind the word one word prompt “Locked” today. I seriously don’t see why Prince’s music can’t be released to YouTube now under some monetizing deal for the publisher. He’s passed away now so the owner of his music should be able to do whatever they want now. Prince isn’t getting paid anymore for his music. Let it be free and wild on the Internet like it should be.

Oh, but look, I found a song on YouTube that has the original audio. This was just uploaded today:

The music to this awesome song will likely be muted eventually, but for now enjoy a lasting tribute to a guy probably best known as the other half of Michael Jackson.

Update: Yup, it’s gone.

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