Share Your World – 2015 Week #48

Every week, Cee Neuner puts out a set of questions for bloggers to answer. These are usually simple, fun, and made to get to know each other and to get the writing juices flowing within us.


Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?

I’m definitely a hugger, but I have my limits on it. Hugging helps to relieve stress and induce good feelings inside. I feel I need one every once in a while just to rekindle the spirit within me and shake off the lonely feelings. The last real good hug I had was from my father, which is probably the best thing that could come between us and strengthen somewhat shaky and distant bonds. On the other hand, I need my space and respect other’s spaces as well. It would be creepy to just walk up to a random person on the street and offer them a warm embrace.

What is your favorite toppings on pizza?

Sausage, pineapple, pepperoni, olives, just to name the usual suspects…the list could go on though. If you want to know my least favorite toppings, it would have to be anchovies or sardines – I’m never had either of those on any “normal” pizza and I can guess that they have no rightful place in my land.

The absurd Frankenstein pizza below looks rather delicious:

If you were the original designer of one existing corporate logo, which one would you select?

The Nike swoosh is one of those logos that just speaks to you. And you can fit it on almost anything such as clothes, shoes, and backpacks and not forget what it means. I love its simplicity and enduring brand power. It’s also fun to draw on notebook covers. To be the designer of this is to have bragging rights to the God of all logos.

 Nike Swoosh

So strong and positive.

Complete this sentence:  Where I can seek my solace is… 

my family, where else? They’re the only ones who can really feel my sadness and give me encouragement. They are my safety net to fall back on when it feels like I am hitting a wall and have no where to turn to.

I suppose I don’t have to answer the bonus question, because I really don’t have anything for it for this time. Well, I guess I’m looking forward to getting over this ear infection I have really soon am grateful that I have people who can drive me to the doctor to get it checked out.


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Thoughts On…Changes

Google has just released a new logo after nearly twenty years. That’s big news. And I have mixed feelings. The first time I saw it after going to Google on my smartphone, I was very excited. “Google changed their logo? Wow!” I exclaimed. But then I began to miss old “Catull” as is the name of the font in the original logo, seeing the simplification as a bit underwhelming and quite unnecessary.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The previous Google logo was great. It had that professional, sharp quality about it, a mix of an authoritative source and fun-minded presence. It presented a company that is dedicated to producing quality technology. This new one looks quite childish and more fit for a baby’s clothing line. Maybe I’ll get used to it after a while, but for now it’s just not sinking in. I like a logo I can feast on.  What once was a logo I could trust has now turned into something less confident. But maybe I’m just overreacting. It’s actually not that bad when I look at it a couple more times.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s new logo is nothing compared to its previous:

I was really disappointed after seeing this a few week ago. The old logo was unique. The rounded letters, dropkick “a”, iconic Klavika font, heavy, strong, solid, all added up to the personality of Facebook. This new one is just “blah”, like using the default font in Word.

Actually, the new one has some similarity with all the letters except the “a”, looking less college campus like, where FB was born. But it still is a boring logo script, very uninspiring and generic. Maybe if I never paid much attention to the logo, I wouldn’t care, but I do and my eyes aren’t loving it.

Microsoft’s is better than its previous, more bolder corporate looking mark. At least that funny slice in the middle is gone. It looked like a Pac-Man character eating the tail of the “S”.

Yahoo! did an okay job of making their logo look less like the goofy early 90s “Harry Potter” font.

But a survey of 422 did not agree. I do though. I think it is more professional looking and reminiscent of a website that offers news and relevant search options and looks less gaudy on the page than “Harry Potter” Yahoo. Something that can be taken seriously by competitors and investors. It’s much better than the other 29 options that they were choosing from.

And eBay. Oh, man. This is one I’m absolutely glad got changed a few years ago.

That previous one was so goofy looking and from eBay’s early days when they were just an auction site and not really that huge yet. But they did get big, real big, and so a more professional and cleaner look was needed. And I love it. I am more confident shopping for items on eBay under this aligned logo than before with the crazy overlapping letters, that just spoke of random junk people were trying to sell and still are. And does it remind you of another logo perhaps? If you thought “Google” you are correct! Same color scheme of blue, red, yellow, and green with a friendly sans-serif font. My theory? Google and eBay are secretly working together to bring down Amazon. Google changed their logo to look similar to eBay. Maybe there’s a merger in the works? I’m sure Google will be the one to eat up the other, if the FCC allows it.

That’s just my thoughts.