Luck of the Irish

0317 Green Eggs & Ham

When you’ve got money, much more is possible. This has always been true. There is simply no way around it. Money may be the root of all evil but it plays an important part in the status quo.

Winning the lottery would be so awesome. Imagine “all the things I could do if I had a little money, it’s the rich man’s world”.

In August, I am going to the casino for the first time for my big quarter of a century celebration. Firekeeper’s. This has always been a dream of mine. I dream of the coins pouring out of the machine like they do in the films but, surprise – the machines now use slips of paper because apparently the coins are too easy to counterfeit or steal and slips are a more convenient 21st century method.

Casinos have always been a shady business. Security has been ramped up more than ever but there are always people out there who try to outsmart the system. I’m not saying I’m planning on anything criminal when I walk into the casino, but I’ll be looking up at the ceiling because I know there are people up there watching down on us – the eye in the sky.

Here are some things I would buy or do if I ever won the massive jackpot or a lot of money from various gambling institutions:

  1. An elegant mansion
  2. A new video game console (Xbox One or PS4)
  3. Front row seats to one of my favorite bands or individual artists
  4. A jet ski
  5. The best pair of shoes

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