River Dance


A child’s soul

Innocent gift by the river

A thousand emotions

Fighting to fulfill

Their true moment in time

Inspired by playing along with the magnetic poetry site, and seeing a brilliant project by Katherine MacKenett over at DeviantArt, the site of over a million different art and literature creations.

Harmony in Pure Nature


This is a poem created using Magnetic Poetry and I was inspired to use it after a fellow blogger used it as well and provided a link to it. Quite fun, actually.

Harmony in Pure Nature

By nature’s secret
Only of the spirit
Dark air could light intuition
Live like an insect
Through thick root
If you have life
Never know wild grass is
Her deep sacred rose &
Winter tree
Beautiful as said spring prairie
Always breathe above earth
See me in bright sanctuary
Rest in vivid river song
Sun over a cold dawn fruit

Writing 201