Faking It

This mask, the oldest in the world, always creeps me out when I see it

People wear masks to hide their true feelings. They feel insecure with their selves and don’t want others to know in lieu of being humiliated and outcasted.

The gay community has always had to contend with hiding something in order to not feel scrutinized. The generation today now encourages closeted folks to fully come out and be their true selves but there is still a need to hold back in certain situations. The world has still not fully accepted the notion that being gay is okay. It is always going to be a separate division, a minority. Many TV shows and movies always have a token gay guy or girl just to fill out the demographic requirements. It may be humorous to point out who that token person is and they are usually a huge focal point and discussion piece of the show’s run.

In order for me to even concentrate on writing a decent post everyday, I have to put on a mask. I have to be aloof and avoid most conversation in order to not be distracted. My best writing comes from isolating myself and crawling into a dark hole. This is the way I’ve always been actually, so I don’t know if I’m really putting on a mask or just being myself.

When getting involved with extreme social situations, I see I have to change my personality a bit if I don’t want to be seen as distant and uninterested. It is quite hard for me to be the life of the party because I most certainly don’t really care to be. I’ve always let others take the task of showing off and being the center of attention while I stay in the background. It’s my natural state of being. I’m actually quite self-centered and have to be inclined to show much interest in others. This is not always good though and I’ve tried to change but it always feels like betrayal.

You shouldn’t wear a mask though because eventually you will be exposed. I have tried to fake it til I make it and go against who I truly am in order to succeed in social situations, but at the end of the day, I am still the same person.

That mask will always creep me out. Does it creep you out?


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