Call on the Doctor – Post #500

When I had a painful blockage in my ear, I definitely needed help from others. I originally kept quiet about it, fighting through the pain, hoping it would clear up, but eventually the wax in my ear became so bad that I needed medical attention.

First came some store-brand earwax drops, which only helped somewhat, maybe making the situation worse. Then came a few squirts of hydrogen peroxide into my ear, which fizzed and popped but didn’t clear the blockage up much better, even after doing it two times. I had my head tilted on a pillow, feeling the solution seeming to be working. I expected a stream of gunk to fall out when I put my ear over the sink minutes later, but was disappointed.

A trip to the family doctor’s office came next, and one ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor peered into my affected ear, clearly stating there was a buildup of wax and nothing really that serious. I thought the suction tool method to clear out the wax was going to be used, having last had it done at 13, but the ENT obviously didn’t know how to do that or it wasn’t necessary. When he looked down my ear with his otoscope, he said my ear canal had an usual curve to it, making it easier for wax to build up and harder to clean out. So it was joked that I had some sort of Spock ear structure.

The doctor prescribed a special kind of earwax drops to be picked up at Walgreen’s. I go to Walgreen’s, waiting for almost an hour in a chair, and find out the drops are a whopping 350 bucks without insurance. My medical insurance had been terminated so I had to go back to the family health center to apply again. There, the person sitting behind the booth I chose was someone who I went to college with. I didn’t remember her but she remembered me, saying we were in an algebra class together. I filled out a paper for my insurance, choosing a username and password that she punched into the computer.

I then got a laminated insurance card from over the main counter. There I also met somehow I hadn’t seen in a long time, the teacher who used to supervise me and bunch of other kids at Woodville in the morning before school. She was rummaging through a file cabinet when she looked up, saw me, and immediately said my name in surprise and came over.

“Remember me?”, she asked.

I stared at her for a few seconds, trying to register her face, clearly not remembering. Her name tag was flipped around. She flipped it the right way, it reading “Beth”.

“I’m Mrs. Rockwell from Woodville. I just got married again though, so that’s not my last name anymore”, she said.

“Oh, yeah. Wow, I was 11 years old the last time I saw you”, I said in disbelief.

As me and mom left the lobby, I simply said to her, “It’s a small world, isn’t it?”

After getting the insurance, the special earwax medication cost only 12 dollars, which obviously was a lot more manageable for me. These babies did a miracle job for me, breaking up the wax, air reaching my ear drum for probably the first time in years, popping and the occasional feeling of a small jetstream going through with ringing. It only took two doses of the drops to clear up my ear canal and get me back to a normal state of equilibrium again. I could walk around again without feeling a fullness in my ears, and feeling as if the left side of my head had a huge weight on it.

This minor ear problem began when I was watching a racing video that had a monotonous stream of music and sound effects to it – a video I created. The volume was at high level and no problems were apparent. That seemed to be really bad for my left ear, and it was hurting after I took the headphones off, throbbing endlessly all night. Sleeping became near impossible. The throbbing lessened by the time morning came, but clearly the wax had hardened against my eardrum, hearing becoming muffled and throwing my balance off.

Help was inevitable. I usually can take care of myself when these kind of things happen but some things are just out my hand.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Take Care

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

It’s My Birthday – A Tale of Cranes

Happy birthday to me!

I have turned 24 today. A whole two rounds of a clock complete.

My god, I’m starting to feel old when I look at that number about five times. It’s starting to sink in though but I don’t want to get too used to it, still want to believe future birthdays will still have that “special” feeling about them.

The good news is I get to live another year and do so much more amazing things. The bad news is I’m nearly halfway to 30. Yikes! Where is time going?

My first picture at 24. My stylish driving cap.

I happen to be sharing my 24th birthyear with the retirement year of NASCAR Sprint Cup legend Jeff Gordon, driver of the #24 car. How are the odds that I would coincide with such a big moment? All my life, I’ve been pushed and prodded to be a fan of Jeff Gordon and the number 24 so happens to be a magical number of continuance and ending this year.

cranesA red eyed crane hanging outside Denny’s today. They must come from the nearby woods and get attracted by the smell of the food cooking in the restaurant. You’re not getting any food, pesky cranes. Go home. Well, they did eventually after we finished dining.
cranes3I’ve seen these long legged creatures walking around this restaurant’s front grass multiple times. They were also hanging out in a Wendy’s parking lot on “Asian Friday” last week – a bunch of Chinese and Japanese looking people were all in line at Wendy’s and eating at the tables. Like they were all in a group or something. Very confusing and strange, no offense. We eventually left because the line wasn’t getting any shorter, the counter workers having difficulty understanding the foreign languages/accents.

They can fly, but I’ve never seen them do so

We were all seated near the “crane window” on the right side of the restaurant, a place we rarely, if ever, eat. Our waitress, Jasmine, took our drinks (all waters except Joe with a Coke). My meal was set to be all free if it was under seven dollars. So I ordered a $6 Baja Quesadilla burger with chips and salsa. Very delicious.

After this early dinner, we rode in the Ford to Culver’s and I ordered a free dish of vanilla icecream with Reese’s peanut butter cup chunks on top. Didn’t have to show my ID to prove it was my birthday, probably because it was really busy. Wondered if others could get away with this.

Tomorrow, my birthday bash continues. Going out to eat at Sava’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’ve never been there but my research online about it makes it out to be a fine restaurant that students and adults both appreciate. One reason I am choosing this place is because meals are affordable there, most of them under $25, and another reason is because it seems more special to go to a place with a fancy name and dark, elegant environment.

And now I dedicate a poem to the hungry cranes outside the window:

Hungry Cranes

I could see that you were hungry, salivating,

Waiting outside that tempered glass

Watching us drink, watching us eat,

Our delicious meals come to pass

Your legs were spindly, your feathers down thick,

Traipsing the land wide and far,

Attracted to human dwellings,

Full of the happy, sad, and sick

You stopped in for a meal but could not get inside,

So loitered on the outside, the flavorful smells licking your eyes

Curious I was about your whereabouts,

Where you came from, your really long mouths

After our delicious meal, I turned and was surprised

To see that you disappeared, probably to bother some other guys

We’ll be sure to meet again,

You weird necked birds of ostrich type,

In the parking lot, in the park,

Maybe wherever the aroma smells just right

And now a song I’m dedicating to my birthday, inspired by watching Star Trek: Enterprise for the first time today on Netflix and hearing the amazing intro song. I believe it really fits the theme of where I am heading in the future, what sort of person I want to be in 20, 30 years. “I’ve got faith” it sings. That’s what I want to have years from now, to always have hope to accomplish my dreams and never give up on life. It’s essentially a song of life, describing how far I’ve come in 24 years.

In Response to the Daily Post writing prompt: Middle Seat

50 Nifty Posts

This is my journey
Everything from my mind
Capitalizing on success
Still facing the big climb
Today I have reached fifty
A nice number in it’s own right
Not everyone is recognized
Only some can stand and fight

This is my journey
And what I set out to be
Trying to be the best
That I could possibly be
I knew it wouldn’t be easy
Reaching any sort of fame
But with my keys and my brain
At least I joined the game

This is my journey
A perilous path of experiment
Destroying things that failed
And praising things that speared it
I will one day look back at this
And see how much I’ve grown
See all the bumps and bruises
And all the stuff that was sown

This is my journey
Something unique to me
Unlike anybody else
I’m the one who sees
From the first step I took
On this long journey through time
I now have something to smile back on
And realize it’s all mine
Breaking out a shell
Something that hindered me best
And now I feel alive and ready
Ready to face any test

Fifty may not seem a lot
But it sure does for me
Since so much thought and practice
Went into making them gleam
The first was a mild success
The second even better
And then after that I started
Getting beat and bloody weathered
But I battled through it and came out strong
And now I’m smelling roses
For they now are smiling and are proud
That he was one who chose us
And the sounds of time long past gone
Ripples through my pages
The times when I couldn’t hear my voice
And the days in the dark ages

This is my journey
Nearly all in a nutshell
Still adding more to it
Making my life swell
There’s no need to panic
No need to fear
Cause what I have accomplished
Makes this a great year

Celebrating 50 posts on WordPress!

I have reached a milestone in my WordPress career that began in 2013. Before September, I only had 20 and then went on a killing spree, starting with the daily prompt’s every day boosts and then branching off and doing other things as well. It has been a monumental month and half for me to say the least.