Freedom Rider

Photo credit: William Woodward –

Unbound by life,
Cool breeze in my air,
Me and the highway,
Unbound, going anywhere

Unbound by family,
Just me and the wind,
Passing billboards,
Vegas: Maximum Win

The top is down,
Ironsides are spinning,
The fire in my eyes,
My true life is beginning

In my blue dream open,
The evening sky calm,
Inspirational songs,
No tension in my palms

And I just want to scream
And I might want to cry
The excitement in my heart
Not wanting this to die

And along that empty desert road
A freedom was found
A king and his car hit the ground

So I’ve always had dreams that I was racing along some road, maybe all by myself or frantically trying to weave through dangerous traffic. I can’t legally drive a car in real life because I still don’t have my license so it is still my dream someday to be able to go anywhere I want without first having to ask someone for a ride (which would help with finding a job in far flung places). God, I just love writing poetry!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

A Christmas Miracle

Daily Prompt: Secret Santa 

Never quite made it
Never quite reached it
Was inexplicably halted

Dealt a bad hand

Could have grown tall
But God was against this
And when metal replaced hip
That was pretty much it

Immobility became his enemy
Life’s dream sabotaged
Backed in a corner

Enjoyment capped

My gift to dad
Is to cure him of his ailment
To walk big strides
To seize the moment

To run against the wind
To be unrestricted
To live again
With unlimited freedom
And chains unbound
Run, run away from the barking problem hounds

It’s a gift with no price tag
Something that can’t be bought
What I would call a magic miracle
Because this would change his life a lot

My gift: to channel a miracle like the light