Miracle Seat

A wonderful swingset I found

The miracles of life
Coming once in a blue moon
Forever a moment
Forever a piece of time
Nestled in a harmonious state
Escaping the clutches of death
That bind men to mortal status
Ordinary earth dwellings
When the magic fills the air
And Cinderella has until twelve
To live the impossible dream
Go and find the miracle seat
That wisks you away to
Never, never land

But these are just
Empty promises


Believe in Miracles

Prayer is the medium of miracles; in whatever way works for you, pray right now.

– Marianne Williamson

I was just reading about an eight year old girl who was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer, being the youngest one ever to be diagnosed. Her family is fighting with her and have set up a GoFundMe account and Facebook page. It’s sad that this has to happen to her but I guess life plays favorites with no one.

Both of her parents also fought and survived forms of cancer, so this is a true story of survival within a whole family. There is only hope for recovery at this time. If miracles really do exist, the time for one to happen is now, because this child has got an entire life to live and it shouldn’t end now.

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