Here are some signs you are a narcissist:

1. You take way too many selfies
2. Constantly checking your Facebook posts for likes and comments
3. You get depressed when you don’t receive any attention on the latest selfie you uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, etc.
4. You expect admiration from others in order to feel better.
5. You have no empathy for others, no feeling
6. No shame for your actions
7. You see yourself as perfect, creating an illusion
8. Very arrogant and boastful
9. Envious of others successes and attributes, you want to put others down
10. Can’t see the world from someone else’s perspective

I may as well abandon

My attempts to wed the girl

Because of my innerself calling

My self-centered world

It’s always about me, myself, and I

Every single day

My interest in my beautiful self

Can never be pulled away

Those mirrors are an evil

The poison of eternity

They continually call to me

“Here, birdie, birdie”

The days tend to be lonely

Because I can’t let anyone else in

I am a narcissist

What’s your name again?


#NaNoPoblano2016 Day 22


Reveal Yourself


This blog started off in one of the weirdest ways and without that I probably wouldn’t even be blogging right now. That was the last thing on my mind at 21 years old, living and breathing the dream of becoming great on YouTube, but somehow I was led here and am still here today – unimaginable but it’s true.

It began after I had created a new YouTube channel in 2012 called MACBOFISBILtv, slated to be a vlog type kind of channel featuring events from my life (so exciting…), along with other videos on gaming, tech, music, news, and more. The original words that I chose to create that clever acronym that is now the address everyone sees in the omnibox were: My Awesome Crazy Brilliant Outrageous Fantastic Incredible Super But Irrelevant Life. Of course those words have changed now because I have changed, choosing words that better reflect me as well as what this blog is about.

I thought it was kind of cool and interesting, even if it was a mouthful and didn’t really describe my life, and it gave me hope that I could finally make something successful. But I never really got going on doing any on that channel (one video to date), and eventually gave up on the idea.

Now, I when I started this blog in 2013, exhausted from making videos that turned out so bad and wanting a new outlet, I had no idea how a blog was supposed to look or what I was even going to write about, but I just started writing, mostly about whatever was on my mind. I did not do the Daily Prompt from the beginning because I didn’t know it existed. I didn’t even know a whole community of other bloggers existed until I found and followed a random photoblogger one day (or night, I don’t remember) and was blown away by their superb quality of pictures and writing, immediately making me look at my own self and realize just how far I was off. I’m not that far off now, liking to say I have arrived in a cozy area where I can express myself more confidently, but I would never say I am the best at anything, just because there are more superior bloggers that have thousands of readers everyday while I get 20 or 30 at most. That’s great for me, a budding writer who doesn’t have anything to prove, but if I could someday reach a new plateau, a new inspiration, I would be even more confident in making this daily ritual of mine a lifelong career – an implausible goal as of now.

This theme I have had for almost a year, Sorbet, is one that I will likely have for a long time, since it is so clean and simple and allows for pictures to get their proper attention, as well as the writing having centerstage.

Whatever secondary name I give to my blog, it has really brought a side of me that I always thought was vague and undeveloped: my writing. This is my journey, the world through my eyes, the story of my life, laying down my thoughts in the form of bricks, forming a grand structure one piece at a time. Looking back at me now, this blog is a mirror of what I have accomplished so far, of what I have done. It is my past, present, and future.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall.”

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

One Four Challenge – May Week 2

Week 1 processing
Week 2 processing

Wow, what an eventful three days in the state of Wisconsin it was while out to see my sister. So much traveling around and eating out that I barely found time to blog, but here I am back again in my ordinary life.

Here’s my week two edit of the ‘water rod’ on a mirror for Robyn’s One Four Challenge. I took last week’s sepia looking photo and blended it with two other edits of the picture I had created, one of them a blue filtered and the other a washed out white filtered. A little bit of adjusting the opacity and fill of the layers as well as changing the blending modes got me to this slightly different picture. I also added a red photo filter and brightness/contrast adjustment. I found that it can be somewhat difficult to separate the one dominant color in this picture and let others show below, because there wasn’t that much variety of color in the original to start with, but this turned out pretty good.

In one corner of my mind there’s the thought that I could have chosen a much more interesting picture for this challenge, while another says the subtlety and simplicity make this a work of art.

One Four Challenge: May Week 1

Week 1 Processing

Hey, everyone. How’s the month of May going so far?

This is a stream of water from a faucet hitting a concave mirror that I decided to use for Robyn’s One Four Challenge starting this week. My first processing of the photo was done in Photoshop, a program I use quite often for my photography.  I applied a Curves filter with a strong contrast, and you can see the difference between the original and the modified. The strong contrast is something I love to use since it gives the photo more variety and those rich dark tones. The stream of water looks quite solid in both photos as well.

WPC: Weird Science Experiment


The sheer hardness of the first glass is really being pronounced above and in the reflection. The screwdriver seeming to “sink” in a zig-zag manner down to an infinite bottom is also intriguing. Shadows are being cast in the background giving everything a nice 3D effect. There seems to be a flicker of a flame in the measuring cup as well. Oh, did you think I would forget about you, middle glass? The part on the stem of the glass that is brightest is amazing as well as the white lighting on the reflective underside. I think two evil looking, white hot, green rimmed eyes are staring at me on that stem and on the reflective side a smiling something can be seen. This looks maddeningly like a weird science experiment. The nightlife of a bar also comes to mind.

Photo Challenge for Week of October 17: Refraction