An Awesome Mind

Pull up a chair. It’s time to get personal again. Enter the wonderful world of Matthy again. So much has changed in my life since I stopped posting regularly on here, taking a sort of hiatus to focus on other things in my life. I really really miss doing this. Getting back on here and starting to write again is giving me this rush of happiness and excitement I haven’t felt in a while. It is remarkable. It is like I am filling in a gaping hole in my heart that has been in need of some tender loving care for some time now.

I see that there is no longer a daily writing prompt on here or a Weekly Photo Challenge, two things I really loved doing because they sparked so much creativity in me and fired up ideas. Not that I really needed them but they were like security blankets or safety nets, catching you when you are in need of an idea or afraid that what you are going to post isn’t really that worthy of reading.

So here is some things that have happened…

I’ve restarted my first YouTube channel and it is actually doing pretty decent now and I’ve never been more happy making videos than ever before. I’ve started a YouNow channel/broadcast and have grown that tremendously, meeting and making so many friends across the entire world, some in my own state, something I never thought would even be possible. It has truly been an inspirational journey for me and it is only getting started.

Shaylee, Shaylee, Shaylee, Shaylee. Literally the greatest friend to come out of YouNow. We have learned so much about each other and have shared so many experiences. Fortnite every night it literally seems now. Her mom passed away in October 2018 from Stage 4 progressive cancer. Very sad and emotional moment for the both of us.

There are many others on there that have become such a big part of my life. Within a few months of streaming, I met a nice girl on there named Carolina (last name still up for debate) and we kind of fell into a relationship, talking with each other every day and video chatting, watching baseball games together, listening to music with each other. That was in July 2017, we still are friends to this day and hopefully I want to meet this nice sweet girl someday and maybe start dating her in real life.

I’ve also moved into a new house after living in the trailer park home of mine for almost seven years. It is one of the most beautiful houses I have ever lived in. The bathroom is the star of the show. Probably the most beautiful bathroom I have ever had in a house. The mirror seems to stretch across the entire room and looks like it’s out of one those rich mansions I have always longed to have.

I won a contest run by vitaminwater back in September 2018 and received a choice of either accepting a paid trip to New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles or accepting a $5,000 check. I chose the check obviously. The check came in the mail that I was super excited about but…here’s the catch…it may be fake. I took it to the bank and tried to cash it but they were very skeptical about it calling up random people and trying to contact the company, HelloWorld, that sent me the check. They gave me a website and number to reach. I tried both of those methods but haven’t had much luck yet. There is only one other option left on my quest to figure out if this check is legit or not: going to Southfield, Michigan and getting an answer straight from the horse’s mouth. I will wave that 5k check in front of the CEO of the company if I have to try to see if this check is real and not just a marketing scam. I don’t think it is because why would they go through all this trouble, waiting 8-9 weeks to send me it in a UPS envelope, just to send me a fraud check. Well, if anyone there at the HelloWorld HQ says “oh we don’t know what that is, you should probably contact so and so” or “we really can’t help you with that since the contest was over months ago and we are no longer answering questions” then I’m going to be really mad, pissed actually. But if they say “oh yeah, this is a real check made out by our company, it is safe to cash it” I will literally jump for joy. Guess first thing I’ll do is go out and buy a new iPhone. Then put the rest in a secure savings account and let it build interest. Die a rich man.

Until then my hopes and dreams are on hold of being set for life.

Coin Chaos


Here is a huge pile of change that I have been collecting for the last three years, dumped all over a mattress for this top down shot. That is over $50 in change right there (outside of the picture’s frame as well). I have a feeling that as soon as I get to about $100 in change, I’ll cash all of the dead president coins in and feel accomplished that I was able to generate that much money from pinching pennies from the carpet and emptying whatever loose change from a dollar was in my pocket.


#NaNoPoblano Day 7

Cash Cows


All you need is a little cash to get by in this world, for starters. The more money you have, the more freedom you have, the higher ceiling of expenditure you have. The façades of the greatest buildings are worth multi million dollars. Money may be the root of all evil, but hey, you can’t argue that it is what makes the world go round. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be happy though so don’t count your bills like a raving madman and cut out everyone else.


Casino Royale

Image result for Kitty Glitter Slot Machine

The slots be churning

The hearts be racing

The excitement of a win

The gambling and money burning

Like rats pushing a button

Over and over again

They’re all in it for the same thing

To get rich quick, go on vacation

So I took a trip to the FireKeepers casino today with my folks. We got aquainted with the casino floor and all the games. I tried my hand at the Kitty Glitter slot machine. No matter how many times I pressed the betting button, no matches would come up on the screen. My mom beforehand, on the same machine, was as lucky as hell.

Luck of the Irish

0317 Green Eggs & Ham

When you’ve got money, much more is possible. This has always been true. There is simply no way around it. Money may be the root of all evil but it plays an important part in the status quo.

Winning the lottery would be so awesome. Imagine “all the things I could do if I had a little money, it’s the rich man’s world”.

In August, I am going to the casino for the first time for my big quarter of a century celebration. Firekeeper’s. This has always been a dream of mine. I dream of the coins pouring out of the machine like they do in the films but, surprise – the machines now use slips of paper because apparently the coins are too easy to counterfeit or steal and slips are a more convenient 21st century method.

Casinos have always been a shady business. Security has been ramped up more than ever but there are always people out there who try to outsmart the system. I’m not saying I’m planning on anything criminal when I walk into the casino, but I’ll be looking up at the ceiling because I know there are people up there watching down on us – the eye in the sky.

Here are some things I would buy or do if I ever won the massive jackpot or a lot of money from various gambling institutions:

  1. An elegant mansion
  2. A new video game console (Xbox One or PS4)
  3. Front row seats to one of my favorite bands or individual artists
  4. A jet ski
  5. The best pair of shoes

Discover Challenge: Adventure


Price We Pay


There’s something out there

It is teeming with amazement

And the price we pay for our sins

As sweet as a warm spring day


Decoy Cake

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

They’re eating one slice of cake together? Wouldn’t that be a little hard? I mean, this is one slice so it wouldn’t last very long among two people, definitely not long enough for me to get home from a long day at work and see them carefully savoring every morsel. This may be a newly wedded couple who have somehow drifted into my home (it’s always unlocked) and decided to get into the cake that was sitting in my fridge, reliving that sharing moment again. As is a tradition at weddings, the bride and groom get to eat the first piece of cake together.

Well, when I saw them on the couch, holding one plate of cake between them and looking satisfied with themselves, I most likely would be surprised at their appearance and ask who they are.

And the first words that come out the woman’s mouth are: French!

Yup, so I don’t understand her but her “husband” (it’s not implied if they are actually married) translates for me:

“We’re here to tell you something really important.”

“Oh, what could that be?”

“You seem to owe us something”

My expression turns to one of confusion:


“A lot of money”

“I do?”

The man pulls a gun out of his pocket – uh, oh.

“Yes. 20,000 to be exact.”

Holy – where did that come from? Did I make a bet with these people one day and then hit my head on something and black out? Cuz, I don’t remember twenty grand being on my list of to-dos.

“I think you’re making a mistake. I don’t remember owing anybody anything.”

“Think harder.”

I did. I racked my brains, clearing away all the clutter.

And then it hit me. I owe the government money for the loans I borrowed for college. I haven’t paid any of them off. These two are here to collect a debt, two representatives, two beat workers. But bringing a gun? What does he think I’m going to do, just hand over all of that money right now and forever hold my peace? Will he simply be okay with a minor payment? 50 dollars? Why do they need it all right now?

The cake was just a decoy. A conversation piece.

“You sure do…and you’ve got exactly hour to cough up the cash”.

And then I just stood there in silence, the once friendly looking lady now sporting a serious face like her counterpart. One hour? Are you kidding me?

“You may not leave the house – there are guards at the door.”

Wow, this just got a lot more intense. I’ve unknowingly entered my own game of psychological torture. They seem to be really serious but I can’t tell for sure. This might all be just a set-up. I’m on a TV show being pranked. They’re going to get me rifling through phone books and scrambling online for money all for nothing. But I could be wrong. I’m reminded of various horror movies involving these “game” scenarios, where the outcome is either life or death.

As for the rest of the story, well, it’s like those John Hancock commercials that have been going around. You’ll find out the rest online.

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests