Money, Money, Money

 photo monopoly2_zpspad7l1n6.jpg photo monopoly8_zpsynybdxwd.jpg photo monopoly_zpswx5lhlfw.jpg

A transition of Monopoly money from lowest to highest denomination. If only it were actually usable.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition


Habits: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Photographing some of my habits was interesting. Some of them can’t really be shown because they are internal while some are too personal or embarrassing to show. But I rounded up some of the things that are easily captured with my camera. .
Saving UpVery good habit of putting loose change in a savings bank
BloggingThe one habit that has become more of a lifestyle: blogging Cat on sillBlackie has a habit of sitting in the window
CuriousAnd looking out it curiously like this.Cat in the fridgeAnd he loves to hop into the fridge when I open it.sandwichhabitsAnd my favorite habit of making sandwiches to snack on, usually peanut butter but there was none today so this is bacon, lettuce, barbecue, and the final scrapings from the PB jar.

Z is for Zinc

And at last, we reach the letter Z in this long and hard fought A to Z challenge.

Pennies are now made of 97.5% zinc and about 2.5% copper, a reversal of their composition before 1982, when they were made of 95.5% copper and 5% zinc. Obviously because it was more expensive to produce pennies with copper, harder to obtain. But there are groups of people out there who scour through massive tubs of pennies looking for the discontinued coppers, hoping to strike it rich, since copper is worth more than zinc.

Pennies from heaven
The copper plating washed away
Clink, clank, hit the ground
Cheap zinc with dull shine
Lincoln rears his chiseled face

Zinc coated grill grate that has corroded

Other things made with zinc:

Safety pins, disposable batteries, car batteries, screws, nails, jewelry, faucets, metal trimming on cars, and boat propellers.

A pound of zinc is worth about a dollar in 2015.

And that’s the end of this month long marathon of alphabet soup. I had a lot of fun with this and might do it again next year, but just a lot better!

April A to Z Challenge

Payback Time

In Due Time: What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?

There is a deadline that is coming soon

Involves a lot of money

But I have yet to find out when exactly it is

Paying back the government is not funny

And I don’t have much to give away at all

This is a serious matter

Not one day can be taken off

I’m really not excited, enthustiatic about this pressing time

Because the thought of being stuck in student loan hell always lingers on my mind

But when I finally give them what they want and get this monkey off my back

I’ll just sit back in my chair and eat one of my favorite snacks


If only this were real…

I have to admit this December I have fallen off the wagon a bit with blogging, missing a couple days because of things going on in my life and my stats have taken a hit as well (more thanks to the pingbacks being out for a record amount of days).

WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives

0213 Saving A Life

This picture was taken back in February 2014 at the CSL Plasma center in Lansing, Michigan where my family and I go to donate plasma (the pale-yellow, mainly water portion of the blood) and earn about sixty dollars per week on two separate days: $20 on the first and about $40 on the second. At the time I was working on a 365 day photo project and this sign seemed like a great addition to the mix. The photograph means something special to me because my family and I are actually saving people’s lives (in a fragmented way) by supplying various hospitals and clinics with the essential components from our donated plasma, including proteins and antibodies, needed to make certain life-saving medicines. This is a multibillion dollar worldwide business that is viewed both strongly and negatively by various organizations because of the immediate dangers of pathogenic diseases such as AIDS/HIV being spread through the blood, tainting the plasma, and infecting patients receiving it but this seems to be under control. Continue reading “WPC: Earning Cash, Saving Lives”