Moving Forward

Head to one of your favorite blogs. Write a companion piece to their penultimate post.

I wasn’t going to do this but I ultimately decided it was important.

As we get older, we realize some things just aren’t the same anymore. The kids get younger and the trends that once were popular in our day have suddenly died out, paving way for the next best thing. When sports start featuring kids from the 90s, and eventually 2000s, you know there is no where to go but up – or forward. The athletes you looked up to as a kid suddenly are younger than you.

There becomes a disconnect between generations and understanding. You don’t know where to turn and really don’t know know how to fit in with the new wave. A certain bit of jealously comes along the way as well, such as wanting to be back in school again and relearning all the things that were so fun.

But getting older has its advantages. You have more opportunities and freedoms in the world. There’s more respect. Can drink and gamble – responsibly. Get into any kind of film you choose; of course, I was already watching adult movies before I turned 18 and had had my share of magazines.

At what point do birthdays become as pointless and boring as soup? At what point do you just want to freeze time or start going backwards. I’d say it would be when you reach middle age and life seems to have gotten stuck in neutral. When it is no longer cool to act like a kid and society would think you’re short a few screws.

Everything moves forward…

A new batch of kids are going to see Star Wars for the first time when it comes out on December 18. The seventh major film in the megabillion dollar franchise comes out during one of the most social periods in human history. The last film in 2005 didn’t have the luxuries of multiple ways of sharing content online with just the click of a button. If I wanted to see the trailer for Phantom of the Menace in 1999, I’d have to either wait for it to appear on TV or get a sneak peak of it before a feature film in the theater.

The film is obviously going to be a smash hit and most will likely shatter box office records within a day, no matter what the critics think. I have already pre-ordered tickets from Fandango for a December 17 screening, citing the thought that it will be hard to get tickets when the film is released. The film comes out on the 18th, so this must be a special pre-screening for a limited number of individuals. Lucky me will get to be one of the first to see the anticipated film, but will have to keep quiet for one day so not to spoil the fun for those fans who have been waiting three long years since Disney met George. This will be the first time a Star Wars film comes out where I am familiar with the story, having just recently watched all six films, and am actually mildly interested in seeing one.

Here is the amazing trailer:

Many despise having any more films after the original trilogy because of the story being wrapped up so nicely in Return of the Jedi. But money speaks loudly, especially in the brain dead creative space of Hollywood that definitely is in love with sequels. Do we really need a Toy Story 4? A Woody and Bo Peep love story, are you kidding me? What’s next, Woody finding out Bo is having an affair with Hamm? I believe this beloved franchise should be put to rest before it is exhausted to death.

One of my favorite bloggers, Insach, had his birthday a few days ago and I decided to expand upon his post about changes.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Companionable.”