You’re asked to recite a poem (or song lyrics) from memory — what’s the first one that comes to mind? Does it have a special meaning, or is there another reason it has stayed, intact, in your mind?

Currently on a never ending loop in my head is “Madness” by Muse…because I just listened to the song a few hours ago. As I was checking out some groceries at the store, a fresh salad in hand getting ready to meet my taste buds for the first and final time, I hummed some of the lyrics that were skipping jump rope with my syntax waves. By the time this post is published and has circulated many parts of the world, there will be another song in my head, tugging rope with the quiet switch of my brain, winning single handedly. Madness is there because I had the madness to download the song, out of a selfish need, and stick it in my phone’s digital brain, who is now at the mercy of playing the song on my request and having the electronic notes pulse through its circuit boards like electric blood. Elle Gee loves when the song is played, but the other songs currently enjoying their long time membership in my Hall of Tunes want nothing to do with the Muse hit because of its ability to knock the other songs out cold when it is played. Even the battery wants to kick the door open and leap out, tired of working it self to supply energy like a slave to Elle Gee.

The special thing about this song to me is its ability to tap into my most confined emotions, bringing up past memories of sadness and happiness. It’s very motivational. Did I mention it is absolutely awesome? It’s also very catchy and one of the many songs that my mind picks up and likes to play with for hours or even days – until something finally knocks it out of the way and claims its dominance as the “Tattered Song of the Day”. Matthew Bellamy’s shouting of lyrics at the top of his lungs near the end is what makes the song very well crafted and irresistible. I skipped choosing to recite a poem because, other than on WordPress, I don’t read or write poetry and surely reciting or memorizing one is tedious and boring and will not be catchy at all for me. They can’t skip rope like the songs that play in my head. They don’t have legs. They aren’t out there staying over at Radio’s house, reserving a seat at Spotify, saying “Pick me! Pick me!” over at iTunes, or jumping like fleas from satellite to satellite. Poems mostly stay rooted in one spot unless some literature buff decides to pull one out like an obscene body part, showing it to the world and how great it is. Poems are for quiet time listening; music is for anytime listening. I rest my case.

Daily Prompt 11/5/14

Easy Rider – an album

0712141910-00 (2)

What comes to mind in this picture is the idea for a rock album, specifically one that may involve songs of being on a journey, revelations, and finding oneself. I even went to the trouble to create the actual CD art for this album and the square cover art seen on the case (it surprises me that CDs are still surviving in the music industry with the rise of online music stores – and the easiness to just download songs for free). The toning down of this picture to a grayscale has a powerful effect, making the image subtler and timeless.

 Album Front Cover
Album Back Cover

Obviously, all of the songs fit in with the motorcycle/journey theme of the album. The song “Colton” would be about a junior at my high school last year who was involved in a fatal car crash and how life can deal you the most inopportune fate sometimes. A sort of tribute to him and what how his life might have been if something had told him not to drive home from the prom that night. On this album, there would be a contrast of lighter, faster paced songs, and more darker and emotionally packed ballads.

Photo Challenge for Week of October 24: Cover Art


From your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?

There is a lonely road somewhere in the world
Where only the non-conformists go
It is quite lonely because not many stay on this road
Choosing to be swayed into the appetizing jaws of popular culture
But I’m one of the 10% that has not given an inch
I’m never ahead of the pack because I refuse to swim with the same pack
The pack is full of conforming, small-minded people who all follow the same rules and lines of society
I’m a lone wolf, choosing my own likes and interests and many of those things never see the light of day
The new and emerging? It doesn’t matter to me. I prefer to stick to my roots and stay with what I like best
Culture is changing way too much. I don’t try to keep up with it anymore. Once something gets popular I might sway over to it if something inside clicks but most of the time I hate trying new trends or going where the grass collects most water.
I’m a non-conformist when it comes to trends and popular culture. Had to survive an entire two years or so of Bieber Fever and every time something on TV or the internet would try to sway me, I would gallop my pony straight away from it.
Twitter? Tweets? To this day, I have still not conformed to them. Makes me rage inside when society goes crazy over the latest trends on Twitter. It’s all a popular culture thing anyway and is good for maybe five minutes at best. I barely get on the Twitter-sphere more than a couple times a YEAR and that’s just for big events like the Super Bowl.

I don’t usually discover things before others simply because I am not always out there looking for new things, keeping my head above water per say. One exception in this matter was in the case of Chris Daughtry who I started following back before he became mega-successful when he was apart of the grunge band Absent Element that produced one album that is exceptionally hard to find nowadays.

Politics I could care less about. Bores me to death. Everything flows together like butter and syrup in my opinion. No originality whatsoever.

Most of the time I’m playing catch-up with the trend slaves of popular culture because I feel superior while doing so. I like being behind because it makes me the one who is choosing to like what comes best for me, not because others are going crazy about it. I’m not much of an avant garde person. There really isn’t much I am doing that hasn’t been done already. I’m not a trendsetter, there are other, more creative and talented people for that. I’m usually a bandwagon guy, a sheep, catching on to something when it has exposed itself to the broader public.

The paradox of conformity/non-conformity:

I want to be a non-conformist…just like everyone else…so that’s means I really want to be a conformist…who non-conforms against the non-conformists…but then I would be a non-conformist…who non-conforms against the conformists…but still a conformist because I’m non-conforming like everyone else…but I’m still a non-conformist….or a conformist?

Daily Prompt 10/15/14 

My Snob Radar

I have a snob radar for all things in life. Whenever something comes into my radar’s scope, a tiny blip appears, and I hear a distinct ping! in my head, telling me something’s asking for my likeness assessment. As soon as I look at that blip, I can tell if it is a friendly (green) or foe (red); a cheerful chime goes off for the things I like and a warbling siren announces a distasteful entity that must be shot down immediately before it woos me into a liking trap.

Beer is basically all the same for me whether it’s IceHouse, the cheapest I have tried, or Bud Light, The Little King of Beers? I even tried a Samuel Adams Octoberfest once and nothing too new occurred for me. Fosters? Same old cheap beer. PBR? Like landing in a mud pit and getting a mouthful. The same with an obscure one called Third Coast Beer that I received as a birthday gift, and is still sitting in the fridge unfinished. Blue Moon and Heineken were the exceptions though, truly elevating my taste in brewed beverages; their initial good tasting flavor did not let up. Basically all beer is bitter and tastes nasty after it’s been sitting out for a while, the foam washing off the top. If to say I had to cheat a little to get something I like, Shock Top is probably my favorite flavored beer followed by Mike’s. I don’t drink beer much at all so it better be something amazing for me to drink and enjoy it til the last drop. That’s rare.

Coffee has never been strong on the radar, not without adding amounts of sugar and cream to it though taking it black has been tasting better. The flavored cappuccinos, such as Irish Creme and French Vanilla, are pleasant sounds to me.

I don’t drive so being picky about automobiles is silly but if the car is messy and looks like a piece of junk my overall liking for the vehicle lessens.

You can call me a clothes horse; there are two closets and a dresser in my house full of all kinds of shirts. On certain days I don’t feel like wearing a particular tee in my closet; something has to click for me to pick out one and go with it. When shopping there is a bit of trial and error that goes along with certain designs, colors, and of course pricing. Anything that is simple and aesthetically pleasing or iconic will be on my body. I don’t like shirts that have a jumble of words on them or will be irrelevant after a while (shirts with a team’s season schedule on the back) or feature a gaudy image of an athlete on the front that shouts out to people, “Hey, everyone! I’m obvious!”

Processed turkey dinners? Learning to avoid them every time my mom throws them on the table, such as tonight…again. The same goes with hamburger helper, especially when it is dry as dust.

Movies have to go a certain way; a thrilling horror or “challenge” movie such as Saw or the Cube series where the people are put into a situation and have to fight to get out is what I seek. I like a good drama now and then, just nothing too chummy or sappy romantic. Not too big on the superhero flicks; never have seen the Batman or Iron Man movies and only saw one Superman film. I guess I prefer something I can apply my intellect to and find a deeper meaning than some flick that is cheap fun. Movies that generate a lot of hype and are the “go-to” as said by prominent, egocentric figures on television also turn me off.

Music comes in all shapes and sizes for me. I would not say I prefer one genre way more than another, it’s just the individual songs that have to be satisfying for me to want to play them over and over again. Daughtry was my first real favorite band, but after a while this has waned and other bands such as Imagine Dragons and The Killers have taken my top liking. My snob radar greatly pushes away attention-hungry or obnoxious singers such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Nicki Minaj and goes for more emotionally satisfying acts such as a couple of country/pop stars by the names of Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood.

There is so much more that my snob radar picks up, but that would surely make this post go over what I call the magic number of 1000. These daily prompts are killing me. It was fun the first few days I did it but now my I’m losing my creative edge. Why does WordPress have to resort to these mundane, boring prompts? I came very late to the post party today.

Even the most laid back and egalitarian among us can be insufferable snobs when it comes to coffee, music, cars, beer, or any other pet obsession where things have to be just so. What are you snobbish about?