The Secret Box

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There once was a secret box that could only be opened by a special person. It had six locks on the side, six magical locks that when opened revealed something so powerful that the founder had to be so careful as to not let it get into the wrong hands. The Creator of this ancient artifact left very little clues as to how to unlock the box. It may unleash something bad or something good, forever changing the course of the world. Sort of like Pandora’s box but in a different way.

The clue is given via a hologram image of the Creator, which is basically a recording of him thousands of years ago. He died shortly after creating this. He speaks in a strange language that must be deciphered. This language might be made up if anyone knows.

The only way into the ancient underground lab where this box is located is by taking a drop of your blood and placing it on the sensor rune in the door. But beware, it only accepts people that share some bond with the Creator or are part of his ancestry line. So basically, the mythical lair is set up to keep out anyone who is unworthy of its secrets and be abusive. Until this day, the only ones to have ever discovered the location of the secret box, otherwise known as a word that sounds like Klingon, are the Creator himself and someone he trusted closely named Romulus. Together, they set up the defenses and other precautions that would ensure the box would stay hidden and protected. They were afraid that if anyone else discovered this, things would go terribly wrong. Nothing like this had ever existed in the world. The most worthy person would come along someday.

That was before a man named Slocan Mesta came along. And he would not only succeed in accessing the hidden lab, he would unlock the magical box and acquire the power that was inside, which turned out to be quite useful – for a while at least. Being one of the last ancestors of the Creator (whose last name might have been Mesta or something else), it was probably right that he was the worthy candidate to finally discover the power that had been dormant for so long.

Whatever happened to Slocan Mesta?  Well after he went into the village he quickly did things that terrified people and made him an instant villain. It turns out that he rose to power quickly, using his powers to manipulate and trick people. He couldn’t be caught since he could transform into any living thing, human or animal, could easily hide in plain sight. It was said he manipulated his wife into marrying him and had two children who may or may not had inherited his rare abilities.

Mesta has seemed to have gone into hiding after his power became so uncontrollable, he couldn’t be apart of the normal population anymore. It was taking a toll on his body as well, making him very weak and tired, draining him of his energy. That was the downside to opening the secret box, for what was inside seemed to morph itself into its host, completely taking over that person’s soul, little by little taking control of their mind until they no longer could make their own moral decisions anymore.

The story continues into the present day when four kids come in contact with the recluse, aged quite considerably, and are led on an adventure for the ages. A plane will crash down into a desert, someone will be taken and held hostage – by hazmat suits, and the key to restoring a burnt out apocalyptic land to its once peaceful and thriving state will require the impossible to happen.

WPC: Shadowplay


In the shadows they played

Forever unnamed

Forever tethered as slaves

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

Photo 101: Day 10 – Mystery


Day ten of our adventurous photography course has arrived. Darkness and mystery consume our pictures today. We feel uncertainty as our eyes wander in a calming fashion around the somber mood set by the scene. Questions will be asked while answers will be playful and full of wisdom. My entry of mysterious levels was composed by a chance shot of light streaming in through the curtained window and being channeled into a light beam. It was so enthralling and when I placed my hand in the spotlight, I felt like it was full of the white light of some powerful human. And then, obviously, I thought, “Hey, what a cool picture to get,” and took my camera phone and snapped a shot of my “Hand of Glory.” I then had to darken out everything on either side of the main focus to make it truly shrouded in mystery.


I bought this book sometime last year at a Barnes and Noble store but rarely look through it for tips and tricks of the finest photographers on our planet. I’m just glad to have it by my side whenever I need some great ideas to spice up my wacky world of picture taking (that has just started to get on a more civilized track). I would recommend it to anyone, whether you are an idiot photographer (as the title suggests) or a seasoned, proven preserver of light or darkness.

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