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the dark, dreamy night

stars glistening upon a large blanket

crickets chirping their musical melody

once heard never again in the morning

raindrops running down a rusty pipe

NaPoWriMo #5 

REQUIREMENTS: Write a poem about a slice of the natural world that you have personally experienced using poetic license.

Wishful Clouds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish 





Blackout, blurred world

Losing feeling, dizziness

Heart aches, can’t breathe

Tingly fingers

Stopping, resting

Falling to the bench

Falling to the ground

Help me

Help me


The wind is howling like the ravenous wolf

The cabinets, doors blowing off their hinges

The tornado alley kicking into high gear

You’d better run, better run

Outrun the ferocious monster

Swirling like an endless top

An electrified tumbler of shrapnel

A relentless bulldozer of impact and destruction

I run for cover down into the fortified bomb shelter

Hands above my head, sounds reverberating the cement walls

The door to sanctuary slapping shut with the force of a giant’s hand


Pokemon Go: An Epic Journey

So I have gotten in on the Pokemon Go craze, which is getting kids off the couch and into the great outdoors (unless you find Pokemon in your home). It’s a great way to get exercise, I must tell you. The only problem is that I can only capture these digital creatures in the vicinity of Wi-Fi networks, because my phone is so cheap, so I am very limited on my quest to become a Pokemon Master (my late ’90s dream).




When I finally get a phone with 3G/4G capibiities and is not dependent on Wi-Fi, watch out: I’m going to be on an epic quest across the land, feasting my eyes on Pokemon.

Nature’s Guests

In the thick of things, we are just guests to the bigger forces of nature. The rain and clouds were here before us.

It’s been a stormy evening with thunder and lightning shattering the dark sky. I’m here sitting on the floor, just listening to the sounds of nature battling it out for supremacy. This is one of the wildest, relentless storms I have witnessed in a while, the first this summer. I came home this evening to the sounds and sight of rain pouring down and the first booms of thunder in the background. Bright flashes of light made me jump out of my skin. It is rather calm and soothing, just sitting here to myself, letting my thoughts wander while the heavens shouted out from above.

A few years ago, I witnessed a first for myself. I was outside in a thunderstorm with only three walls of thin, rain-resistant fabric keeping me dry and safe

I stayed in the tent and tried to imagine that I was really in the wild with help miles away, not just a few feet away in my house. A few weeks later, my family and I would be going camping and living in the rustic outdoors. That means no electricity, plumbing, or phone/Internet service whatsoever. The tent session was in preparation for the day we go camping by testing out my wits in a thunderstorm. The tent held up well the whole night and through this treacherous morning so it wouldn’t be a problem when the real games commence. In a style reminiscent to The Blair Witch Project, I used my phone to film myself talking about my stay in the tent and various things around me, while the rain came down outside and thunder rumbled, adding to the spookiness. There wasn’t much light in the tent so when I played back the video all I could see was a creepy silhouette of myself hiding under a blanket.

I listened to the appropriate song for this occasion, “Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks, seeing how the thunder sound effects in the song mesh with the real world sounds, making it really authentic. I must had been in the tent for almost two hours, waiting for the loud but fairly tame storm to pass. The storm did pass eventually but not without a few flashes of Ben Franklin kite power appearing as I was just about to leave my sanctuary, scaring me out of my skin. I finally did get to fold my blankets up and head outside into the morning light. That stupid water hole of our’s was full of, well, water again.

Like the brave storm chasers, we need to learn how to become one with nature and tackle her beastly villains we call storms, wind, and rain. No one can control or change the weather, but we can be tough and try to see the real beauty of our planet Earth at work. Amazingly, our world’s cycles of random weather have been going on for billions of years. Patterns and seasons may have changed and become unpredictable but Earth still follows her unruly task of making us selfish humans realize what is out there for a minute. Okay, so the planet isn’t trying to seek revenge on people and only has crazy weather because of changes in the air, but humans still need to realize that the home they inherited thousands of years ago is being ruined by their selfish actions and greediness just to get a leg up in the world. Photographers and geologists alike are the few that really appreciate the true essence of the Earth.else could care less. They are more than just guests, they are the ones who shake hands with nature and become something like friends.


Nothing But Blue Skies

In the midst of the mass shootings in Orlando, let’s remember that the world is still a beautiful place and you can still step outside your door and appreciate the view.

Pure, Earth

Share Your World – 2016 Week 23


What was one of your first moneymaking jobs (other than babysitting or newspaper delivery)?

I haven’t had a whole lot of jobs, but one of my first was gardening and taking care of my grandma’s various flower beds. This included pulling out weeds and crabgrass. She would pay me $10 each week for this.

What is your favorite month of the year?

Definitely July. It marks the beginning of the second half of the year and you can always sense the tinge of summer in the air.

What three things in nature do you find most beautiful?

  1. Birdsong
  2. Rippling ponds (sometimes with geese)
  3. Lighthouses by the ocean

List at least five of your favorite spices? (excluding salt and pepper)

  1. Oregano
  2. Chili Powder
  3. Cilantro
  4. Lemon Pepper
  5. Nutmeg

Earth Day – Party Like It’s 1970


If I hadn’t been told or hadn’t seen something about it on the Internet, I would have totally forgotten it was Earth Day.

Earth Day to me doesn’t have much significance. Yeah, it’s great that we plant a bunch of new trees and get into the spirit of trying to make our planet better, but after this day is over, we go back to not caring anymore. I donated a dollar to the Earth Day fund today because I felt like being generous, but I wouldn’t normally donate money to charities because I’m not usually that generous.

Earth Day only exists because of a 1970 Wisconsin senators concern about the environment. He got together with a bunch of other like minded people and decided to make this a national day on April 22nd, because apparently that was in connection to a previous “Arbor Day” in 1872 set on the creators birthday.

The picture of a long, long country road just a few miles east of me was taken last year. It is a great example of how we pave our way through nature, simply by moving trees to the side, in order to make room for our civilization.

“Move out of the way trees, this space is for Mr. Road.”

“But we’ve been here for thousands of years. You can’t just uproot us.”

“Doesn’t matter. We can and we will for the sake of humanity”

“Ah, damn you humans.”

“At least there’s Earth Day. We can always plant more of you.”

“True that.”

In other news…

On this glorious Earth Day, I went and ate at a corner restaurant today called Chilango’s. It is an unassuming, rinky dink kind of place that serves a delicious Mexican cuisine, including tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. I ordered two tacos with guacamole sauce on them and I can describe how they tasted in a word I have never used before on this blog – scrumdiddlyumpious. I admire the outside and inside artwork of this little dive even if it calls up something out of a trashy 80s movie. The artwork on the walls is also neat.


Flowing Down

The taste of the spring water on my lips

Slowly soothing me to the core

The iciness of the cascading cool air

A frigid blanket of cold sweeps over the rocks

Publish a post that appeals to one of the senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste.

(The Inaugural) Weekly Discover Challenge: Blogging the Senses