New Year’s Eve


The time has come again

To put a ribbon on the year

Closing it out strong

One more shout, one more cheer

You know when January rolls around

That the aspirations will ring true

Going for those dreams again

Because nothing will stop you

So gather up your folks

It’s an event for the ages

Here’s to making it count

And continuing to write the pages

Going With the Flow

New Year Resolutions Quotes

There’s no use in making resolutions

Because you paint yourself into a corner

And expectations cannot be expected

So seize the day and feel bolder

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Absolutely. I made the resolution last year to be a more consistent blogger and publish a post everyday, which I ended up failing by about 20 or so days, which isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve made that my goal again this year but I can’t promise myself that it will work. I just have to see what unfolds. What’s more important outside of that is getting started on paying back my student loans.

I don’t usually make resolutions, because I don’t want to put pressure on myself and end up failing later on. I prefer to just let things develop over the course of the year, instead of setting up in advance to accomplish them. I feel that it is best to make “secret” resolutions in my head, instead of writing them down, so I don’t feel so compelled to accomplish them.

One of my all time goals has always been building a successful YouTube channel and this year I am at least striving to upload more videos, at least a handful each month, instead of going on those long hiatuses of inactivity. That’s all I can really ask for. The subscribers that I get will be a result of whether or not the videos have an effect on them.

Of course, I have to concentrate on what has got structure and momentum already, which is my blog, my pride and joy. I made the resolution to read and comment more but so far I have been unable to fulfill that. Yeah, I’ve been busy with other things and let laziness take over, but the year is still young and there are so many opportunities to fulfill these goals.

I’d like to win the lottery this year and it looks like that will be delayed once more because I surely didn’t come close to winning the Powerball tonight.

Right now I’m reading the fantasy novel Eragon, about a boy who finds and raises a dragon. This will likely take me a month or two to read. I probably should read more books.

Christmas Spirit

The time comes around every year, I feel a bit less sad

The trees are lighting up, the ornate garland making cats mad

Houses are glowing boastfully, neighbors basking in the shine

Santa Claus is in the air again, kids and adults are enjoying the time

Holiday music, cliché and new

Bells ringing, change rattling

Caring, sharing for the few

Still no snow this year though

Christmas light fights, putting on a show

As the years roll on, presents become less important

The time to spend with my dearest family, comfortably gazing in the twinkly assortment

It’s too bad this time only comes around once a year

Because the day after, people are sick and tired of the nutty cheer

The reality sets in, the expensive gifts becoming a burden

Mad verbal fights ensue, resentment spreading from the torn worded

But I am happy my close clan does not worry so much about the material gains

Because what really matters is the Christmas love pouring down like it rains

Merry Christmas to everyone who cares to believe

That this magical time every twelve months has the power to heal, give us one more chance to breathe

If you don’t have the heart to believe

Then just skip to a Happy New Year

And be happy you get to start all over again

Forget all the mistakes

And try to make it the best year there’s ever been