Going With the Flow

New Year Resolutions Quotes

There’s no use in making resolutions

Because you paint yourself into a corner

And expectations cannot be expected

So seize the day and feel bolder

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Absolutely. I made the resolution last year to be a more consistent blogger and publish a post everyday, which I ended up failing by about 20 or so days, which isn’t that big of a deal. I’ve made that my goal again this year but I can’t promise myself that it will work. I just have to see what unfolds. What’s more important outside of that is getting started on paying back my student loans.

I don’t usually make resolutions, because I don’t want to put pressure on myself and end up failing later on. I prefer to just let things develop over the course of the year, instead of setting up in advance to accomplish them. I feel that it is best to make “secret” resolutions in my head, instead of writing them down, so I don’t feel so compelled to accomplish them.

One of my all time goals has always been building a successful YouTube channel and this year I am at least striving to upload more videos, at least a handful each month, instead of going on those long hiatuses of inactivity. That’s all I can really ask for. The subscribers that I get will be a result of whether or not the videos have an effect on them.

Of course, I have to concentrate on what has got structure and momentum already, which is my blog, my pride and joy. I made the resolution to read and comment more but so far I have been unable to fulfill that. Yeah, I’ve been busy with other things and let laziness take over, but the year is still young and there are so many opportunities to fulfill these goals.

I’d like to win the lottery this year and it looks like that will be delayed once more because I surely didn’t come close to winning the Powerball tonight.

Right now I’m reading the fantasy novel Eragon, about a boy who finds and raises a dragon. This will likely take me a month or two to read. I probably should read more books.


Remember, It’s Just Another Number Change

Daily Prompt: To Be Resolved

Next year is my year: my Chinese Zodiac sign is the sheep

Another twelve months is nearly over again and I still don’t have a Pinterest account…

2014, the year that saw Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian become bona fide world icons and Instagram pass Twitter in number of users (and mentions on TV no doubt), was a realization year for me. I realized, after taking a moments glance at what I had done since graduating high school, that I was indeed still very small in this world, that any real power I had to make an impact would probably be snuffed out by somehow who was just a little smarter and maybe had more money and fame than I. Continue reading “Remember, It’s Just Another Number Change”