Under the City Lights

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The sun slowly sets over the New York skyline

Young love runs into the shadows

The criminals await their pivotal moment

To attack and steal the riches

Cats and dogs stake their claim of the smoky street

While the native rats scurry for a late night snack

The moon is shining down upon the nightlife

The nocturnal hour is alive and well

You’d better watch your back

Because it’s a dangerous world

When the monsters come out and feast upon the vulnerable

A joyride in the dark

Proves to be thrilling

Until tragedy strikes

Someone will go to jail, someone will elude it

It’s a city at dusk, go ahead and lose it


And Never Brought to Mind


My coffee-stained guitar

It is a wonderful piece

Cat gut strings attached

Bought at age of nineteen

Lots of training and practice

Strumming and plucking

Freestyling it here and there

Some good old country loving

And I tried Auld Lang Syne for

The family of three

It went fairly well

For all the good it could be

Maybe this year

I’ll try it again

While Frank Sinatra’s

New York, New York

Plays once more to the

Packed Times Square

Of bright-eyed ladies and men

It has a soothing tone

This acoustic instrument of mine

And it’s the rhythm and melody

That I continue and search to find

In Response to the Daily Prompt: Strike a Chord 

Do you play an instrument? Is there a musical instrument whose sound you find particularly pleasing? Tell us a story about your experience or relationship with an instrument of your choice.

A Chicago Story

Today I visited Chicago,
If only for the briefest moment
A glorious day of sightseeing
As grand as I have always known it


One of the busiest spots on Earth
Its global commerce alongside Wall Street
A city that continues to grow
With no sign of defeat


The metropolis by the lake
Where work is never done
Often called the Windy City
Because Chicagoans like to have all the fun


The Great Chicago Fire
Some say it was O’Leary’s cow
A blazing inferno swept through the streets
Forever a reminder of the then and now


File:Court of Honor and Grand Basin.jpg

The turmoil did not last long
For out of the ashes came a melodious song
The world’s fair bringing citizens together again
Celebrating Columbus’ successful mission
And America’s first breathes, how zen


The City in a Garden
Urbs in Horto
The landscape sculpted so beautifully
The parks and ports fit for show


Music and art here is alive and well
From the blues, soul, jazz, and gospel
To the offbeat and unmellow
Classical monuments from the idealist alike
Art crafted so intuitively
It’s like they always knew who was right


New York is the Big Apple
Chi-town, the Big Onion
Named for the tear jerking Allium

That is ever so abundant


Exceptional dining is the way
Renowned by many far and wide
Its deep dish pizza, so delicious
Feeding the plenty one slice at a time


With gusts of force, the Hawk swoops down
On those cold chilly mornings
From the waters of Lake Michigan
Neighbors across the shore peacefully snoring


The night Chicago died
Capone and his mob ruled the streets
People thought it was done for
But Chicago got right back on its feet


A ruthless draught forever engulfs the Cubs
While on the South side
The black and white cladden
Always have some bad blood


Jordan and the Bulls
Dominated the hardwood
Knocking down opponents left and right
Paying off as we thought it should


The Blackhawks
Part of the Original Six
Have fared well in their own right
Adding yet another Lord Stanley to their immense mix


Chicago is my kind of town
The place I yearn to be
A bustling concrete jungle
That has such rich history
I wish to visit here again someday
To see more of this amazing place
And maybe even get to live here
And revel in its power and grace

Daily Prompt 11/2/14