Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: 2015 Week #28

Time for another odd ball challenge.
Flash EyesMy cat named Blackie with a chain in his mouth. The flash of the camera makes him look freaky. I didn’t intend for that to happen.Day 363 - BottleCapsManhole covers painted in the primary colors. Reminded of the candy BottleCaps. A nice form of art but out of place with the rest of the drab city that it’s located in.Day 343 - Headphone EyesSomething I did with my spare time while trying to figure out what would make a good picture. This strange idea resulted.
Til' Death
Another odd moment from Hell, Michigan
A row of evergreen tree shapes against a wall at The Great Mall in Kansas. Nothing too interesting about this shot. I wasn’t thinking anything special in mind when this was snapped. It just happened.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Day 31
Vertigo: Reflective window of a Burger King

PTDC0266 (2)Remember when it was Halloween?
And you carved your pumpkin
Hastily or with care?
This is mine a couple days after…

Emily acting odd with a paperflake
0215 Organ
My organ/piano that I rarely play now. Has become more of a junk collector.  My cousin’s kids like to play it.
PTDC0237 (2)
Knife in the Bread: My picture for a “Chopping Block”
Day 175
Overexposed picture of a glass bear
Plaza walkway of the City Crossing with a sketch filter