OWPC: Ceiling


The ceiling of the clock tower on the campus of Kansas University in Lawrence, Kansas.

One Word Photo Challenge: Ceiling

One Word Photo Challenge: Box

 photo boxes_zpsmvkz82mf.jpg
 photo jiffymix_zps8fwqvcjp.jpg

Tissue boxes and Jiffy Mix boxes.

One Word Photo Challenge: Box


Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln bed

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln’s bed from their home in Springfield, Illinois. Quite a literal example of a bed.

One Word Photo Challenge: Bed

One Word Photo Challenge: Appliances

 photo microwave2_zpsjvpuarob.jpg photo oven_zpsyfg11lxb.jpg photo fridge_zpsx2tdumu8.jpg photo canopener_zpsvxmeiliw.jpg photo toaster_zpszixkt33r.jpg
It’s been a while but I am doing another One Word challenge from JNW. The latest installment deals with appliances and I photographed a couple around my home. Excuse the Serrano pepper on the microwave.

One Word Photo Challenge: Flood

Pool Filter Underwater

5 Feet Under


Diving under deep
Seeing a different world
Ghostly curves of light

One Word Photo Challenge: Flood.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane


The abstract hurricane contained within the reflective spectrum of a rainy puddle. Together with a “white wash” like water crashing onto a shore.

One Word Photo Challenge: Hurricane

One Word Photo Challenge: Windy


On a regular windy day, this boat would be rocking and swaying on the water. The breakneck speed of the boat jetting across the lake would cause prevailing winds to slice around it like a wedge.

One Word Photo Challenge: Windy

One Word Photo Challenge: Wet


Wet water washed upon shore, the ripple-tides from waterfall door

Day 120 - Cold Drinks

Cold canned cola, tackling thirst quencher, vend me out a drink, the sugar water dispenser

A video I shot of rain drops falling into a puddle after a storm

One Word Photo Challenge: Wet

One Word Photo Challenge: Dry

The Dozer

Sitting idle in the dry sand
But I move the earth
Bring ideas to life
My mighty mouth a destructive force
The strength of a thousand men
Creating giant hills of dirt
Man and machine
Together as one
Shaping the land
For the next big thing
Yes we can

One Word Photo Challenge: Dry

One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

owpc_cold My freezer gets quite cold at times, turning water into solid blocks of ice in minutes. Cuts of meat turn into frozen rocks of near inedibleness (which isn’t a word but I don’t know how else to describe it). Ground beef and the large turkey in there require a long defrost before they are anywhere near fit for cooking. Sometimes it’s like the frozen tundra of Russia or the Arctic Circle in there. But of course this would never come close to what a walk-in freezer is like. That is chilly!
 This plastic bottle of malt liquor has froze into a sort of malt slush. I exaggerated the coldness in Photoshop by adjusting the curves filter.
And our favorite cold dish of ice cream, this being a Mini Banana Split Sundae.


And wash down the hot fudge of the ice cream, or that delicious steak dinner, with a nice cold glass of water and ice.

One Word Photo Challenge: Cold