One Word Photo Challenge: Clear

The fishing hole of Green Lake in Michigan. Taken during our camping trip in August 2013.
Inside of a laundry detergent jar.
Droplets on the porch railing
An experimental shot taken for my 365 day project in September.

One Word Photo Challenge: Scarlet

0511 Mother's Day

WIN_20141025_132131 (2)


Scarlet roses

Scarlet letters

Scarlet begonias

Scarlet sweaters

A most transcending color

Deep shade of maroon

Dark blood stains on shirt

Dripping through and through

One Word Photo Challenge: Chocolate

WIN_20141024_004058 (2)

Chocolate Shoes

Chocolate Dresser


Mocha Cat

Owl Purse

1024140034-00 (2)

One Armed Bear

Caramel and Chocolate Syrup

I’m a guitar man 

With my brown dusty shoes

And everything else

That pulls off the chocolately blues

Challenge Accomplished

One Word Photo Challenge: Mint

I decided to expand the photography sector of my blog more and give this challenge a try.

0309 Shamrock

WIN_20140612_165553 (3)




0512 Big Spring Tree

The first picture is of a Shamrock Shake taken in March; it literally is mint flavored. The one below that is me in my Full Keg T-shirt (a favorite of mine). Next are two pictures from the Cascades Falls Park in my hometown. Then, you see the picture of the Ford Fiesta taken in February for my 365 photo project. Finally, there is an explosive shot of a freshly bloomed tree from May which is one of my all time favorites. Since spring is strongly correlated with anything green, the color mint easily comes to mind.

Since this is my first time doing the challenge, I might be a little literal on choosing pictures according to the color ‘mint’.