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The edges of the hopscotch squares, the mirror of a childhood pastime. Many different countries play this game and the rules are slightly different in some, as a video I found explains.

Edge, Mirror


Fun Times


Rocking the flowing green hair and jumping on the trampoline.


Little E kicking a soccer ball in the store.

WPC: Fun

A Photo a Week Challenge: Out in the Country


A red farm shed in the quiet countryside, surrounded by a shallow forest of evergreens.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Out In the Country 

Lateness of the Hour

Darkness in daylight

The darkness consumes my soul

Buried in its presense

Dangerously daring

Under the pale moonlight

Look Up

Edible Numbers


4 cartons of 18 eggs each, 2 rows deep, 5 wide

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

Faces in the Crowd

My sister (left) and her two friends from high school
My sister with her ticket to California back in 2014. Why couldn’t I have gone with you sis?

A face is a sculpture

Crafted by almighty God

Blood and bone of your father

Eyes and ears of ancestry

It is once youthful and fresh

And the object of desire

But then the turning point comes

When looks aren’t important anymore

The lines and wrinkles will come

And the natural peak of old age sets in

Because celebrity or not

Death is imminent

And a great face only lasts in image

For the majority are merely faces in the crowd

And the shallowness of beauty means nothing in the end

23 years old

Faces change over time. Mine sure has.

7 years old

WPC: Face

Feed the Earth


The rain came down
The soil became wet
The seeds they planted
Til’ winter harvest moon comes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth