Opposites Attract

These two should never be mixed

Light and dark

Short and tall

Loud and quiet

Mean and nice

Sweet and sour

Salt and pepper

Big and small

Once or twice

Good and evil always battle

For the world’s respect

And the world wouldn’t be the same without the opposites

They are what we’ve come to expect

Contrast – yet another one word prompt response.

Left Brain/Right Brain

When I take up something for the first time, I prefer to learn by a trial by error basis. If at first I don’t succeed, I will try again, changing something that I did, adjusting my abilities. Trying to be perfect all at once won’t give me the the thrill of victory later on. Always having a milestone to reach motivates me to do better.

We are born with basically two kinds of brain, the analytical, fact based one, and the colorful, creative one. The strengths of either one are purely determined by genetics and other factors, such as the environment one grows up in. It is interesting to see how the brain ended up like this, so perfectly arranged with traits organized into their own pools. Our evolution must have favored the best of both worlds and what better than to have them side by side? I wonder what a person with just one half of their brain is like. Would they be purely analytical or artful or is it not as straightforward as the picture shows?

I like to say I use both sides of my brain, the analytical and creative side, fairly equally. I can crunch the numbers and dive into the data when it is needed, and launch a wave of art and vivid storytelling, but it is to say that different emotions and moods activate different parts of each half, some mixing together.

It’s hard to say if I am a more visual learner or audio learner, because both methods work well for me. Pictures seem to present the idea in a bigger and brighter form, right in my face, sinking into my mind faster while just hearing the words helps me analyze and form the images and patterns myself, helping me memorize without the need of actual pictures so I can retrieve them later on.

Trying to learn something, such as the guitar, with a video, is difficult because I have to keep going back and reseeing bits and pieces if I don’t fully understand it at first. Seeing it demonstrated in picture form slows down the learning process so I can learn it at my own pace. When the teaching isn’t going faster than I can comprehend something, I can easily learn and practice. Group learning is okay for me sometimes because everyone can contribute but when the faster learners start demanding that the level of difficulty be raised and the teacher starts to speed up for them, while expecting the slower learners to keep up, I easily get lost and fall behind, trying my best to catch up before completely throwing in the towel.

When I look at the brain picture above, I immediately lean towards the right half of the brain. All of the words contained there, creativity, passion, poetry, freedom, peace, love, best describe my personality which is lighthearted and easy-going. I’m definitely not hard edge and my vivid learning process with pictures proves that. There is a science book that a friend gave me the other day; I have yet to read the first chapter. I can watch science in videos but I have a hard time reading it.

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

A Year With My Camera

Wow. What a year it has been, huh? So much has happened in 2014, so many newsworthy events in sports, entertainment, television, technology, and other interesting sectors of the world. But this post is about me and my camera (well, two or three along the way).

I began what some may call a crazy experiment this year – a 365 day photo project – but it has been an experiment of exploration, learning, and finding new and creative ways to photograph the world. With what small equipment I have, I managed to take exactly one photo every day (actually, there WAS a bit of cheating along the way). The whole project is on Flickr and is partially complete on Facebook. This post was started back in October and I had it scheduled to be published today, but I didn’t know it would publish so early in the morning.

Here are what I consider the best six of every month:

January 2014

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February 2014

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March 2014

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April 2014

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May 2014

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June 2014

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July 2014

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August 2014

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September 2014

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October 2014

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November 2014

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December 2014

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And that’s a wrap! 365 days of awesomeness. Unprecedented journey of my life. Maybe I’ll do this again someday… Happy New Year everyone!

Tots, Clocks, Bikes, and Air

A few more of my favorite things…

0717141745-00Golden Tater Tots: A family classic. A favorite food of a classic cult character.

0716141900-00 (2)
Clocks: Time comes in many forms; also a visual representation of Coldplay’s hit.

0712141910-00 (2)Badass Bikes: Belonging to some big badass bikermen and bikerchicks at a motorcycle rally. Not even close to the size of the Sturgis gathering held every year. Bikers come from miles away to participate in that one. At this particular one, I got near the stage where a cover band was playing and it was LOUD! I thought the whole place was going to blow up or something.

0710141606-00 (2)
Max-Air: A high flying exhilaration ride that turns your world upside down. Just don’t get hit in the head by falling shoes. Reminds me of a pendulum clock, only this one belongs to Death himself. BTW, check out this eight year old on the Gatekeeper, a ride I had high hopes for when I first rode it this year but was kind of let down.

The 365 Project of 2014 continues on facebook

Besides that, I am also getting a business together that focuses on creating videos for special events, as well as offering photo collages, photo books, and possibly in the future a whole line of party supplies. All of this is an if because I don’t know if the business will even get off the ground let alone having one customer approach me. Doesn’t hurt to try.