April Fool’s

This day comes once a year

I really despice it so

To get pranked so cheaply

Is the worst way to go

It’s Over

It was nice knowing you
But now that I know the truth
We can never see each other again
Because of the safety issues
The walls came crashing down
Those skeletons came out of the closet
I really thought you were a catch
But I was naïve and void of knowledge
And know that I know the truth
I can finally forget and let you go
I might spot you in another life
Twenty, thirty years who knows
We’ll just nod and go our separate ways
Not wanting to start anything anew
It was nice knowing you again
I’ll always have that perfect first memory of you


I’m waiting for her

To see if she cares

To see if I’m important

To see if I should be there

There are better things to do

Then sit by the phone

And wonder who will make the next move

I could be achieving my dreams

Advancing my degree

For the first time in weeks

My head feels clear

Feels clear to move ahead

To make leaps and bounds again

With no one holding me back

But in the back of my mind

I still want her

To talk to me and be the chase

To have the tables turned

And her missing me

Most Beautiful


The most beautiful girl I’ve met
On the outside she is perfect
But on the inside she is broken
I’m glad I got a chance to know her
But we must allow time to pass
Must part ways
In order to appreciate one another


All has been revealed

All has been unraveled

She’s not who I thought

The history is very dark

Very disturbing

But now it is in the light

And can only evolve

Into something brighter

And more thriving

With time

These revelations



I’m hooked and I can’t let go

The connection gets stronger

I hope it’s not a mistake

A regret down the road

Sabotaging dreams, hopes

In favor of a temporary happiness

Maybe eternal

But the reward seems so sweet

If only for a moment

Number Three

Number three has yet to happen
Number three been open for years
I think it’s about time to settle the score
Will you be my number three
So I don’t have to wait no more?