500 Club


That deserves a dip into the pool.

I finally hit the number on this blog: 500 followers. It took a long time, longer than necessary but here I am now. May not seem like much but it’s still pretty good. What’s the significance? Well, that’s 500 different people who see my words and pictures. 500 people who come across my work and passions and share their interests with me. 501 to be exact. I haven’t been as active on this blog as I was in the past but it’s not like I couldn’t pick it up again and start going good again, if I wasn’t so busy with other things.

Thanks for 500 followers again. Next stop is 1000 but that’s quite a ways off at this point.

Summer Lounging


Simple days by the pool

The tanning aspirations

Soaking up the rays

Natural sun

Glorious blue

Pretty crowded

Noisy fun

A fine luxury

Wouldn’t have it any other way


If only my pale white skin would go away


Seasons in the Sun


The pool is closed up for the winter, the tarp tautly stretched, but will soon be back in action for another summer of refreshing swims. It looks so lonely and depressing when all of the chaise lounges and tables are gone. I have been going to this pool for several years now and there are many memories to be taken from there. It was the inspiration for my very first blog post in fact. I like how the sky makes the scene look rather timeless. In the first photo, you can see the sun setting behind the tall tree on the far left of the picture. One of the bars in the gate is bent, and makes it look like this place has been abandoned and neglected for sometime.

Post title inspired by the Terry Jacks song. A lot of my post titles are inspired by song titles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

One Word Photo Challenge: Flood

Pool Filter Underwater

5 Feet Under


Diving under deep
Seeing a different world
Ghostly curves of light

One Word Photo Challenge: Flood.

More Than Five: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Day 354 - BountifulOranges are one of my favorite fruits and are eaten quite quickly, sometimes right out of the “shell” and sometimes cut in half with the juice sucked out. This is one of those pictures of a table of oranges that acts as a sort of color profiler, showcasing the color orange with a monochrome consistent tone. Enough there to make a couple glasses of orange juice.

mirrorA neat mirror trick that I’ve always been intrigued by – how far back do the mirror images go? Is there any such thing as infinity? What if I could travel through that cascade of mirrors, going deeper and deeper until I’m about 5000 layers in? Would I ever reach an end? Are there alternate universes in one of those far away mirror images?
Day 286 - Snow White & the Seven DwarvesThere’s a woman living in my community who puts out this set of classic characters every year after winter passes. One time a couple of the dwarves got stolen but were presumably found and returned not long after.
Day 295 - The Whole Potter
Still a classic series after all these years. This is my set of seven books I bought new last year and are acting more like paper weights since I’ve only read one book so far. Clearly my taste in literature has grown since last reading Harry Potter as a child, but the nostalgia still gets me back into it and excited.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: More than 5 Items

A Photo A Week: Tilted


On a shrewd angle
World so dizzy
Comprehend this
Fluid motion that exists
Water waves
Earth at bay
Cry your soul
It’s a new day
For the eyes see skies
And clouds shift ways
And the ground beneath
Still remains

A Photo A Week Challenge