From your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?

There is a lonely road somewhere in the world
Where only the non-conformists go
It is quite lonely because not many stay on this road
Choosing to be swayed into the appetizing jaws of popular culture
But I’m one of the 10% that has not given an inch
I’m never ahead of the pack because I refuse to swim with the same pack
The pack is full of conforming, small-minded people who all follow the same rules and lines of society
I’m a lone wolf, choosing my own likes and interests and many of those things never see the light of day
The new and emerging? It doesn’t matter to me. I prefer to stick to my roots and stay with what I like best
Culture is changing way too much. I don’t try to keep up with it anymore. Once something gets popular I might sway over to it if something inside clicks but most of the time I hate trying new trends or going where the grass collects most water.
I’m a non-conformist when it comes to trends and popular culture. Had to survive an entire two years or so of Bieber Fever and every time something on TV or the internet would try to sway me, I would gallop my pony straight away from it.
Twitter? Tweets? To this day, I have still not conformed to them. Makes me rage inside when society goes crazy over the latest trends on Twitter. It’s all a popular culture thing anyway and is good for maybe five minutes at best. I barely get on the Twitter-sphere more than a couple times a YEAR and that’s just for big events like the Super Bowl.

I don’t usually discover things before others simply because I am not always out there looking for new things, keeping my head above water per say. One exception in this matter was in the case of Chris Daughtry who I started following back before he became mega-successful when he was apart of the grunge band Absent Element that produced one album that is exceptionally hard to find nowadays.

Politics I could care less about. Bores me to death. Everything flows together like butter and syrup in my opinion. No originality whatsoever.

Most of the time I’m playing catch-up with the trend slaves of popular culture because I feel superior while doing so. I like being behind because it makes me the one who is choosing to like what comes best for me, not because others are going crazy about it. I’m not much of an avant garde person. There really isn’t much I am doing that hasn’t been done already. I’m not a trendsetter, there are other, more creative and talented people for that. I’m usually a bandwagon guy, a sheep, catching on to something when it has exposed itself to the broader public.

The paradox of conformity/non-conformity:

I want to be a non-conformist…just like everyone else…so that’s means I really want to be a conformist…who non-conforms against the non-conformists…but then I would be a non-conformist…who non-conforms against the conformists…but still a conformist because I’m non-conforming like everyone else…but I’m still a non-conformist….or a conformist?

Daily Prompt 10/15/14