Reaching Epiphany

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Finding the light
A messiah bringing the good word
Candlelight burning in the wind
I found the answer, the one thing that will set me free
This is the epiphany, the realization of what I am supposed to be
The light
The spirit 
The wind
The power to heal
Discovering my true talents
My purpose in life
Why, the question we all ask
What, our inevitable future is
Marveling at the facts
That foreshadow everything
The visions become real and the oracle releases its power on us all
The grand stage will be set
A jolt of lightning will fall from the sky
All will stare in awe at His second coming
The epiphany of mankind 
Revelations will be revealed
Curiosity rewarded
Pulling up the veil
That shrouds us in mystery
Clouds our vision 
Blinds us with uncertainty
Now the lens comes into focus
All is clear and true
I know know what lies ahead
And can work towards fulling my destiny

Good and bad
Distinctions obliterated
Stereotypes dethroned
Accusations filled with sudden truth
Enemies become allies
Allies become enemies
A regular Poseidon effect
The world being flipped
Upside down

 In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”