Calling Corporate

Denny’s really did a dumb thing today and now they are in for a talking. They did something that has made me question the integrity of their operation as a whole, at least the one I was at.

For my dad’s 55th birthday today, we went to Denny’s for breakfast AND a second time for lunch, followed by Finley’s. Since he is at the double nickel age, he gets to order off of the senior menu that includes meals at a discount price. Reaching that section of the menu is quite a monumental thing because it means you are on the last leg of your life. It is the final stage of the menu, located on the back. You start off as a kid ordering tiny meals off of the kiddie menu that is provided. Once you get around 12 years old, it is time for the main, adult section that includes meals fit for any big appetite. That will go on a long time until it is time to finally graduate to senior status.

The birthday meal consisting of the four of us went very well until it was time to pay.

Getting up to pay after a hearty meal is not always easy. I feel so full that I can hardly walk, feeling my stomach bulge.

The cashier/manager asked me how my meal went. I of course said it was delicious. He then asked if I would like to leave a tip on my credit card. I simply said “No” because it would be left on the table. I had paid my bill with my credit card and received the receipt. I was getting ready to leave the restaurant with my parents when the waitress said behind my back,”Do you want to have an iced tea to take out?” Of course, I was confused at this. Why would she say that? I had had an iced tea to drink with my Biscuits and Gravy meal; one of them I finished, the other I didn’t, so maybe that was the reason behind this. Still, it was strange because she didn’t seem to realize I was walking out of the building when she asked, and it was asked in an offhand matter, with she not even looking up. She also sounded out of it.

That was just the start of the weirdness that ensued.

As we were leaving the restaurant and going to the car, the manager of the restaurant stepped outside, in the freezing cold, and said that one of us hadn’t paid their bill yet. It was eventually me he was referring to. He seemed rather nervous and panicky. We went back inside and tried to sort out this bit of confusion. It seemed as if the waitress had gotten the receipts mixed up at the table and one of us paid for the wrong thing. They accused me of walking out without paying, which was definitely false. An argument broke out among the waitress and the manager, trying to fix everything. This isn’t the first time an issue with the bill has occurred.

Anyway, my dad was going to call the corporate office and complain about this inconvenience. The manager should not have to step outside of the restaurant and demand we all come back in. That is just rude and disrespectful. He tried calling but no one was available, so he was going to try again tomorrow. I believe it is a little too much to call up the corporate headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina just to complain about a minor issue like this. Sure, it may be discriminating and singling someone like me out who can act a bit peculiar at times, but it is done and no one is hurt. I’m still proud that he sticks up for me like that.

Pat On the Back

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.

Is This The End?

Daily Prompt: Cliché

“Oh damn, another prompt that has me scratching for answers with no such luck.”

“Today for you frequent Daily Prompters is a prompt about the cliché, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ and asks when was the last time that saying was true for you.”

“After ten minutes of staring at the prompt description I pasted into my blank post, I am still stumped.”

“How the hell do I respond to this?”

“Well it so happens that I looked up the meaning of this cliché and means it is better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing. Hmm…sounds confusing. Well, there’s a start but any ideas for this are seemingly being rushed forward in my head with no coherent reasoning. And putting down these crippled thoughts into a working post sounds very amateurish, something I have done in the past that left me feeling vulnerable and stupid.”

“Guess I’ll have to go the scenic route and check out some other blogs for inspiration. There’s Angloswiss and Marilyn Armstrong who always have a strong view on things. Mrs. Swiss did another memorable piece about her cats that put some faith in my blogging again and Mrs. Armstrong did an appropriate rant in the form of a conversation that inspired me to rant as well. Where was Tom Balisteri today? I guess he didn’t have any witty poetry in response to this – that’s how bad it was today; he usually can take anything and make it gold.”

“Oh, why should I care about responding to this so late at night? It’s not worth hacking up a hasty post that will only get about 4 to 5 likes anyway. That’s not what I am about. It would be a mistake in my mind to respond to something I have no interest in responding to – doing that only ends in sadness and failure and I am learning to avoid that.”

“But as the clock ticks down to the next day, the WordPress clock automatically advancing to the next and showing up as such in any of my posts published this late, I am desperately trying to avoid a gap in blogging and get something down for human (and maybe animal) eyes to see.”

“Pouring out negative thoughts about this prompt have helped somewhat to give me new hope in blogging.”

“Oh, look, it’s one of the ‘Friendly editors’ at WordPress.”

“Hello, you seem to be having a problem with the prompt today. Is it too restricted? Can’t you figure out something to write? ”

“No, and getting to it this late at night, 10 o’clock-ish, really makes me think ‘Why bother?'”

“‘Why bother?’ Well, for one, we techies take extra care when cooking up these little jump starters to your day, but as you are getting to it at night, well, we have nothing for you there. Sorry. We hope you figure out your problem. On to more pressing matters.”

“Then the hell with you.”

“Is the end near for this little blogging experience of mine?”

“I don’t know. It just seems like I am getting busier with other things these days (such as working on my YouTube channel, pouring my heart and soul in making great videos) and have put blogging on the back-burner per say. I always reminisce about the days before I had a blog, when I didn’t have a nagging obligation to fulfill.”

“I’m going to forget about this terrible day for blogging and instead play a game of Parcheesi with my folks, a game most people in their 20s would have no interest in. But I’m wise beyond my years. It’s something that will take my mind off of uninspired posting. Good day. I’ll see you tomorrow.”