One Four Challenge – May Week 3

Week 2 Processing
Week 3 Processing

For the week three edit of my photo for the One Four Challenge, I chose a blue filtered version. This picture was actually mixed in with the red and white of last week’s edit, and I wanted to cool things down – I simply turned off all the layers above this one in Photoshop. The icy blue is a much more natural color for the water and the return to a simple monochrome smoothes out the “rough and wildness” of week 2. So far I have four unique versions, including the original, of this stream of water from the faucet hitting a makeup mirror in the kitchen sink.

But wait, there’s more…


Here is a second edit for week three. I added an artistic filter called plastic wrap and it really does something cool to the ordinariness. The plastic wrap makes the picture pop and look 3D, especially around the edges of the mirror, while the stream of water seems to sink because the edges have been raised a bit. I’m also reminded of the planet Earth, because there seems to be a roundness to this picture, more noticeable near the dark shadows (no, not you, Barnabus) at the bottom.

See you next week!

Reflection Reveals

In my quiet mitten state town
A corner’s being turned
For Spring’s sweet airy sensation
Uplifting my spirits
Dreaming of warm weather vacation
While blue sky shines
In a clear vivid oasis
Fresh drops from earth’s
Fluffy pillows
Smiling back at me
Tempting the click,
Shutter, flash, record
Of year’s first peaceful walk
Without a traveling blanket around my back
Or the slippery ice beneath my feet
But it always returns, that white blanket of
Chilly annoyance
Wash, rinse, repeat