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Would I still recognize you

Long ago turned to stone

Turned to the shadows

Of a world passed away

But you’re still there

The same face but old





Death and All His Friends

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The leaders
The winners
The ones to rule

The followers
The sheep herd
They play the fool

Death and all his friends
Death and all his friends
They parade up the street
And back down again

Great big torches they carry
Lighting up the cricket-filled night
“Sabotage!” they shout
“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

#NaNoPoblano2016 Day 26

Missing You

Constantly thinking of you

Can’t get you off my mind

You’re like flies to fly paper

Always there, sticking behind

It’s a rooted comfort, knowing you’re still there

Like having a safety net, a place to fall when danger is in the air

My fire blanket to a smoldering fire

My escape plan to an inescapable prison

I’ll always fall back on the thought of you

Today, tomorrow, yesterday too

#NaNoPoblano2016 Day 17

Take the Stairs


She’s building a stairway to heaven

Heaven only knows how long it will take

Or if she’ll even reach it at all

And instead go off forever into space

It is her dream to peek through the clouds

And see those pearly gates

But it just might as well be an illusion

The work of an elaborate fake


2016 RhymeZone Poetry Prize


Happening over at RhymeZone this month, the place I use to find that one word that rhymes with another, when I’m scratching my head for answers, is a poetry contest where ten people whose original poems are chosen can receive $5000 altogether ($500 each, not a whole lot but a nice amount). I see it as a way of giving back to the amazing community of poets out there, of rewarding them for all of their efforts and inspirations. Yeah, I kind of found this on accident after searching for RhymeZone on Bing, and wouldn’t have even known about it if it weren’t for my curious searching.

The theme for the poetry challenge this month is: Community. Specifically, write about something related to your hometown or the idea of community in general.

So I am thinking of participating in this and trying, at least, to contend for the grand prize against probably some of the world’s most renown, seriously good, poets. It would be an honor to win that money (I’m never won that much money in my life), and feel like I contributed to something amazing. If not, then my words are out there for everyone to see and be inspired by. In my opinion though, poetry can’t accurately be critiqued by a panel of judges using computer software. It most certainly can’t be judged truthfully by who wins the money and who doesn’t. It’s what’s in your heart and mind that counts, how the words appeal to you personally. Of course, if the poem is complete trash, I could understand how easily judged it would be, but in most cases you know a good piece of poetry when you can tell someone put their time and effort into it.

Kudos to those who win (if anyone cares) and may they go forth and far in their future lives.

In avoidance (sort of) of the prompt: Friend

Read and Reread

It’s rare that I would settle down

And read a novel all the way through

There are just so many other things out there

So many other things to do

Precious time slips away

As I turn just one more page

Keeping up with the world

The need to fully engage

But if there is one book that doesn’t require much

Thought or reason

It’s the book of imagination

The great train of every season

Second Time Around

The book pictured above, One Fat Summer, is a book that my uncle loves to read all the time, to the point that the book, both copies of it, have gone into disrepair. I don’t know why he loves it so much (maybe because he has a habit of reading the same books over and over again) but all I know is that it’s been a favorite of his since I “borrowed” it in ninth grade and never returned it. I only read to about the fourth chapter (where Bobby gets a lawnmower job) before I got distracted with other things like homework and TV shows. You know a good book when the cover goes missing (on paperbacks) after a while. It is considered light reading.

I personally try to find time to read a book now and then. I’m still slowly chowing through my Eragon novel but will likely pick something else up that is shorter and faster to read. Reading a book is a way for me to settle down. I hate all the drama and confusion that comes about with social media.

Houdini Lemon Act


Life tossed me some lemons today
I did not know what to do with them
There was no sugar or water
So lemonade ideas were at an end
So what now, I thought
Looking at these sour football shapes
How about creating a battery?
Saving money would be great
Not much other use for these lemons
I couldn’t Houdini them into new eyes
Like the one time I tried with the 8-Ball
Now, wouldn’t that be a surprise?!

I was just thinking about the Flint, Michigan water problem, that has made headline news, with even Jimmy Fallon donating 10,000 dollars to help fix it. Maybe these lemons could magically give Flint a brand new state-of-the-art water system? I feel bad for those that have gotten sick from lead poisoning and hope that this gets taken care of ASAP.

When life gives you lemons… make something else. Tell us about a time you used an object or resolved a tricky situation in an unorthodox way.

The Mathemagician

Pyros dance in the flames

Surfers soak in the waves

Hackers live in the code using

Their high wired brains

And now I have been granted

A most powerful experience

Having all of these traits

Wrapped up in one neat package

I’m a story page turning

Mathematical genius

With a little bit of fire breathing,

Water shooting damage

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

Keep the Fire Burning

Raging bull
Weakness of rain
Proudful joy
Cowardly brain
Gentle giants
Tough as steel
TNT, ready to heel
Laughing clown
Crying baby
Losing, trying, still can’t save me
Rising, falling, against the resistance
Smiling, frowning
Until no existence
God above
Waiting for the day
That I finally join him
And be glorious in May
While all the wrongs turn into rights
And life gets tough and wants to bite
Hard and strong
The days press on
There’s always a chance
For a new upbeat song
The road ahead keeps winding and turning
But there is still a hot fire inside me
That keeps burning and burning…

0209 Sepia Road

Daily Prompt